Month of March , 2007

Sunday tour program starts this weekend

The Sunday tour program starts April 1st with a ride leaving from Billings Bridge.

Turn-of-the-Century cyclists, Alymer

Turn-of-the-Century cyclists, Alymer

Ottawa's first bicycles were imported in 1882 from England at a price of $300 each by George A. Mothersill, founder of the Ottawa Bicycle Club. The club's first "meet" took place Aug. 19, 1882 outside the city limits.

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour - Calling all volunteers

Two thousand riders will roll out of Ottawa and Perth on June 16 in the 36th consecutive Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. Four routes, two departure/return points, luggage transport, accommodation, en route support - quite an administrative and logistical challenge; a challenge which could not be met without the help of the seventy or so dedicated volunteers who come out on Tour days to make it all happen. As Club membership is not a requirement, this makes for a great opportunity for members to introduce family/friends/colleagues to the OBC.

Learn to Race/Advanced Riding Skills Clinic - April 21st

Learn to Race/Advanced Riding Skills Clinic - April 21st

There will be a Learn to Race/Advanced Riding Skills Clinic at 9:00 am on April 21st at the NRC Blair Rd. campus, on the north loop where the Seenite Criteriums are held.

2007 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour full

The 2007 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour is now full and, effective immediately, we can no longer accept any applications. Last year it was March 23, this year March 12! All confirmation letters should be send out by April 15 and if your cheque has been cashed, you are in the Tour. We ask for your patience in getting the letters out.

No waiting list is being maintained at this stage as there are no additional spots available and no cancellations have been received. After May 15, a list will be maintained in the club office for riders wishing to buy or sell spots.

Appeal for donations to Cuban Cycling Club

Thanks OBC for your generosity !