Month of July , 2007

Seven deaths in 19 days - where is the outrage?

Reprinted with Permission from The Record

Why is there so little regard paid by motorists to the cyclists on Canada's roads?

Margaret Kirk would like to know. Her husband, John Taylor, was one of seven Ontario cyclists killed in a 19-day period this spring.

I've been tracking cycling fatalities as a part of my blog, Take the Lane.

Annual Chez Rick Moll BBQ

Annual Chez Rick Moll BBQ

Thanks to Rick Moll for hosting the annual Chez Rick BBQ. More pictures available in the Club Photo archive.

Bruce Timmermans Cycling Awards

Who is your cycling hero?

Is there an individual or organization that exemplifies cycling in the City of Ottawa? If so nominate them for a Bruce Timmermans Cycling Award. The City of Ottawa’s TravelWise program presents two annual awards to recognize outstanding contributions to encourage cycling. One award is presented to an individual and the other is presented to an organization.

Annual Chez Rick Moll BBQ

Sunday July 22nd, following the Sunday ride. For a $5.00 cover charge BBQ sausages and liquid refreshments will be available; all members are encouraged to come out and enjoy this event. Directions will be available on Sunday morning. Thanks Rick for hosting this event.

Grand Prix - a big thank you to all who helped

Grand Prix - a big thank you to all who helped

The weather helped of course, but this was surely the best Grand Prix so far. As always, it takes the work of you volunteers to make this happen and the riders, spectators, coaches, parents, etc are very aware of this.

I have to pass on just a couple of the many congratulations and thank you's I got on Saturday:

Grand Prix Results

Grand Prix Results

Results are now available on the 2007 Grand Prix results page. A large collection of pictures is also available in the club photo archive.

Change to OBC board of director e-mail addresses

Due to the large quantity of spam received by the OBC board of directors on their e-mail addresses, a new contact mechanism has been put in place.

To contact a member of the board of directors, please use the appropriate contact form which will send e-mail to the corresponding director. The contact forms can also be found by following the Contact the OBC link at the bottom of every page on the main site.

Rideau Lakes website statistics

The two days before RLCT are typically the busiest two days on the OBC website for the entire season. Here are some highlights from the webserver logs for Thursday and Friday before RLCT

  • Home Page ~1500 hits / day
  • Rideau Lakes Home Page ~500 hits / day
  • Rideau Lakes Routes Page ~200 hits / day
  • ~50 people / day sent Rosmarie e-mail via the on-line contact form
  • The most common search query on the website was "route maps'
  • The second most common search query was "comfortable bike seat"

Rideau Lakes 2007 Thanks

A very big thank you to all the volunteers and sponsors who made the 36th Tour a great event.

There are volunteers who had to get up at 5am to be at Carleton by 5.45 to see the riders off by 6am, the Uppers staying ahead of riders putting up signs and others who traveled to Perth and Kingston and yet others who spent a long Sunday afternoon at Carleton checking in riders. Volunteering shows the Tour from a totally different side but can be equally rewarding as riding it.

We also like to thank the 15 sponsors who supported the Tour with donations, services or equipment.

Rideau Lakes 2007 Pictures

Rideau Lakes 2007 Pictures

A number of cyclists submitted photos from the 2007 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour. They're all posted on-line in the club photo archive.

ABC 40km Time Trial Sunday

The Almonte Bicycle Club website is currently down. However, the 40km time trial scheduled for Sunday is still on. Full details are on the ABC Time Trials webpage.

Looking for cyclists who gave assistance May 27

Would the cyclists who helped the rider in distress on Sunday, May 27, between 10 to 11am in the Pinks Lake area of Gatineau Park, please contact the Club office.