Month of August , 2008

End of TT Series

The 2008 Open Time Trial Season is coming to a close. Two more 15km event are planned: Thursday, September 4th and the final race September 11th.

Despite having more rainy Thursdays then anyone can remember, the OBC TT 2008 was a success! New pavement was enjoyed. Every age category from Bibit (under 10) to Vet F (you do the math) was represented. Gord Fraser's long standing course record fell from 18:42 first to Mike Nash's 18:39 to Warren MacDonald's 18:32 ... with two races still to go - will it fall again ?!?!?

The Last Day of Summer Time Trial – Sunday Sept 21st

Before the season’s end, the OBC will be hosting its not-yet-famous “The Last Day of Summer Time Trial”, a 40km race using the OBC’s popular Fournier course. Fournier is approximately 90km east of downtown Ottawa. Allow approximately 1 hour to drive from downtown Ottawa. Registration 8:15 to 8:45AM.

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Keeping track - OBC Racing and the medals at Track Nationals

Keeping track - OBC Racing and the medals at Track Nationals

The Canadian National Track Championships are currently underway and the club's racing team has 4 members on Team ONtario: Florence Laplante-Lamarche, Colin Morewood, Alex Cataford and Sophie Beraud.

Great race reports with pictures are posted daily on Pedal

Full results and race schedules are posted on the Burnaby Track Nationals Website.

The WTT Invitational & Awards dinner

The Invitational is this Tuesday at the Women's Time Trial (WTT) - Tuesday August 26th. The Invitational is the last event of the season for the Women's Time Trial, and it is always a good time. Registration is 5:45 to 6:10pm - meeting in the parking lot of the Aviation Museum. The first team starts at 6:30pm. 

Women riders can ride on their own, or with a friend of any gender to ride as a team. If you haven't done this before, it means you start parallel to each other on the start line, and you draft as much as possible. For a team time trial, the time of the last rider is your team time. It can be a terrific experience.

Your team should have a female member. You ride free as an OBC members, or if one is a member of another cycle club, they would pay $30 to ride.

Erika Revesz is taking advance registrations for the teams to make things go more quickly at the start. Her email address is:

Make up a fun team name!

She's also taking names for volunteers as some of the regular male volunteers will be riding.

Celia is taking reservations for the restaurant. Her email address is:

The Awards dinner is Robbie's Restaurant @ ST. Laurent & Belfast starting at 7:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Welcome to the Ottawa Bicycle Club Home Page

The Ottawa Bicycle Club was founded in 1882. We are the oldest and one of the largest bicycle clubs in Canada. The OBC offers a range of cycling programs which appeal to a range of cyclists from novice to experienced riders. Events vary from relaxed country tours with picnic lunches to fast-action road racing.

The Ottawa Bicycle Club provides a unified voice for cyclists in the national capital region to speak to government bodies, organizations and other groups of interest to cyclists.

The OBC is run by members -- only through an active membership can the club offer so many programs. Club members volunteer to lead the tours and organize club events. Open to cyclists of all ages, our oldest members are in their eighties, our youngest have just taken off their training wheels.