Month of May , 2009

Introducing the OBC Learn to Ride Team (LtRT)

Youth of Ottawa, do you want to ride fast, work hard and have a great time. Come out and make some friends by joining the OBC LtRT on Saturday mornings.

Learn to ride safely and learn to ride fast in a Peloton of friends aged 7-15 yrs. The fun begins with obstacle courses and short sprints and before you know it we will be working on bunny hops, pace lines, peletons and

Note sure about what a "peleton or echelon" means!  Don't worry, there will be lots of Jelly Beans to keep you going and having fun.

Parking at Billings Bridge

Parking at Billings Bridge

Riders are reminded that if you leave your car at Billings Bridge while participating in a club ride, the only area to be used for parking is the section facing Riverside Drive between the two exits going to Riverside Drive. If you park in any other sections, you risk a parking ticket.