Month of August , 2011

OBC Office Administrator

We are looking for a candidate to fill the critical position of Office Administrator. As the only staff member, you handle all administrative aspects of the Club's operations. You are the focal point for membership interaction, manage the office, bookkeeping and inventory, and you support the directors with the delivery of their programs such as racing, touring and marketing. The position reports to the President of the Club.

Off the Back

Off the Back

"Cruise route bike support"? Ulitsky, Svetlana
Big Bike Events Call For Big Bikes
RLTC 2011
Danube Radweg near Donauschingen, Germany - September, 2010

2011 Bike Trip Another European Expedition Report # 2 by André Marier

Copenhagen Denmark to Helsinki Finland 1068 kilometers (Trip Total 2008)

I left Ottawa as a "Cycle touring adventurer" in Holland I was known as a "Fietstoerisme avonturier" in Germany, a "Radwandern Abenteurer" in Denmark, a "Cycle touring eventyrer", in Sweden, a " Cycle touring äventyrare" in Finland, a " Cycle touring seikkailija ". As I make my way south through Estonia. Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, I don't know what they'l call me; probably "crazy"!!

2011 Bike Trip Another European Expedition Report # 1 by André Marier

Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam Holland) to Copenhagen Denmark 940 kilometers

Arriving at Schiphol airport in early morning of June 30th, I elected to skip Amsterdam as the sins that I might commit there, could only be forgiven by the Pope, and as Rome is not on my itinerary this trip, I got on the bike, jet lag and all and travelled West for 60 kilometers, well away from temptation!

Riding “La Marmotte” cyclosportive by Adrian Zahl

Imagine, if you will, 8,000 cyclists taking over a small town in the French alps for a week, capped by a mass ride over the some of the most iconic mountain passes in France.  This was my experience earlier this summer, when I participated in one of the most famous "cyclosportive" rides in Europe, the Marmotte.

Reminder – Second OBC 40K Time Trial of the 2011 Season

The second OBC 40K TT of the season is fast approaching, it will be held Sunday August 14, with the third and final 40K TT of the season planned for Sunday September 18.

Same course as the first 40K TT of the season, the TT will be on the Heckston course (see links below for registration location and approximate course map).

Registration will be at the South Gower Park, on North Grenville County Road 22, just South of Country Road 43. South Gower Park is about 55km from Bank Street / Queensway, allow about 45 minutes drive from downtown Ottawa.