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Queens University - Saturday night (Kingston)

  • Queen'sIncluded in your registration
  • beautiful Queen's campus
  • comfortable dorm rooms
  • food (including gluten free and vegetarian) - Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast
  • Allergies: At dinner time Queens will have a special line set up for riders with allergies, with a chef available to address any questions. At breakfast time riders will need to identify themselves to a server, who will get a chef to talk to the rider.

Queens University Website

Algonquin College - Friday night (Ottawa)

algonquinIf you are from out-of-town and need a place to stay, the Residences at Algonquin College are a perfect location - and the next morning you are right there ready to start your ride!

Limited availability. Not organized by the RLCT.

To make your booking, check out Pricing->Algonquin Pre-Tour Accommodation.

To locate Algonquin, check out Getting to the Start - Parking->Algonquin.

You may also want to add breakfast the next morning to your RLCT registration. Sorry, you can only book breakfast when you register. If you forgot, you have a few options like McDonald's 300m north of the residence.

Perth - Friday night

matheson houseFor those riding the Century, you may want to stay in Perth!