OBC Trip to Forest City Velodrome (FCV) March 24-26 Register Now!

Interested in track riding? You should be ... It's incredibly fun, develops your cycling skills, and is rapidly growing in popularity in North America. But the best thing is it gives you an opportunity to interact and ride with people of all ages, backgrounds and skills levels - Something that's pretty much impossible in other cycling disciplines. The track infield is a very social place. Hard to believe? I've ridden with riders from the age of 9 to 90. With recreational riders and Canadian record holders. Me, a 61-year-old, touring 2, recreational rider in a training session behind a motor bike with the Canadian under-23 women's cyclocross champion. Only on the track! 

The 7 riders who attended the Forest City Velodrome (FCV) trip February 24-26 had a great time. We came back with rubber legs, smiling faces and good memories! You can see photos of our recent trip at https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ai6M5ygOH2X9iFG_EaCMViExzazB

I have a second FCV weekend trip planned for Friday, March 24th - Sunday, March 26. All I need are riders! 
We can accommodate youth to adults, recreational riders and racers, new track riders and experienced trackies. We will have lots and lots of track time. There will be more than enough riding time, and lots of opportunities to do whatever training and skills development you want.  

Youth riders should be age 13 and at the "Train-2-Train" level and up. I'll consider younger riders on a case-by-case basis. Riders should have good basic riding skills, and be able to ride 30KPH for 15-20 minutes at a time. Roughly a Touring 2 level of riding and up.

Here is a rough schedule of what you can expect:

  • Friday: Leave OBC Office, 170B Booth Street (at Albert) 9:30 AM
  • Friday 4:30 PM: Arrive at FCV
  • Friday 5:30-8:00 PM:
    • "Track 1" beginner training & certification for new track riders. Note all riders should participate in Track 1 unless they have very recently ridden at FCV. 
  • Friday 8:00-9:00PM: "Track 1 Plus" - Practice paceline riding.
    • OBC Private track session: practice group riding
  • Sat Morning: Private Track Session 9:000 PM- Noon
    • Group training. Will be based on ability and need. A mix of skills development and fitness efforts.
  • Sat Afternoon: Youth Structured Training for the under 19s 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
    • Our youth can participate in the regular FCV Structured Youth Training session run by the FCV Youth coach
  • Sunday Morning 9:00-12:30 PM
    • Group training. Will be based on ability and need. 
    • We can give individuals or small groups track time to do whatever exercises they want.
  • Leave FCV 1:00 PM, back at OBC offices Sunday 8:30 PM

The cost is $120 per person, including track bike rental.Hotel cost is about $100 per room per night (so $50 a night if you share a room). And you are responsible for your own food.Transportation in the OBC van is 100% free for the first 8 OBC members to sign up. 

If you are interested, and to register, contact Bill Bourne at bill@bashd.ca ASAP.