OBC Advocacy

The OBC advocacy position: The Ottawa Bicycle Club is committed in its objective to ascertain, defend and pursue the rights of cyclists. It will do this by educating cyclists with their responsibilities to help ensure their safety, and by promoting and facilitating safe group cycling on public roads. 
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Read the full report here: Defining the Advocacy position for the Ottawa Bicycle Club (2020)

More information on the Advocacy section of the club website

OBC Team Store Open

Members, we are pleased to announce that the OBC Store is open for a week starting immediately.

Our order for OBC kit has been delayed due to COVID-19. Castelli estimates that their Americas factory will be open by the first week of June. Consequently we are able to add new orders before production begins of our clothing order. The window for do so is only one week however, ending this Friday, May 29th. So take advantage of this opportunity for getting some summer kit.

Updated Changes to OBC Programs

As more information comes out regarding COVID-19, the Ottawa Bicycle Club is committed to keeping an open dialogue with all members.  The OBC is doing its part in promoting the safety of all of its members as well as the greater Ottawa community. 

Following advice from public health authorities as well as the OCA and the Canadian Cycling Association, the OBC has decided upon the following measures in the interest of member safety:


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