Profile: Our New Youth Development Road Program Coordinator

We are pleased to announce that Mary Clarke is joining the program in the newly created role of Coordinator of the Youth Development Road Program.

Years cycling (and years with OBC): Starting bike commuting because I would rather bike than wait for a bus as a teenager. From there I progressed to longer recreation rides and into cycling for general fitness. I cycle with my spouse and kids joined OBC one year ago to participate in the youth development program.    

What motivates you to ride: I love being outside, biking fast and moving without motors.   

Favourite moment on the bike: Really enjoy the first ride of the spring when I make it up to the Champlain Lookout. Also really enjoyed cycling the P’tit train du nord last summer.    

Hardest moment on the bike: Melt down climbing a soul crushing steep hill during a bike tour on a hot day in August.  

What motivated you to take on the role of Road Coordinator: I really enjoyed riding with the youth as a parent support rider. I enjoy working with groups of kids that are ready to laugh and work hard. I want to help the youth development program continue to be a way for kids to be outside, learn life-long skills and fitness.   

Other sports or hobbies you enjoy: I like to draw and cross-country ski.