March 2020

Updated Changes to OBC Programs

As more information comes out regarding COVID-19, the Ottawa Bicycle Club is committed to keeping an open dialogue with all members.  The OBC is doing its part in promoting the safety of all of its members as well as the greater Ottawa community. 

Following advice from public health authorities as well as the OCA and the Canadian Cycling Association, the OBC has decided upon the following measures in the interest of member safety:

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour and the COVID-19 public health situation

The Ottawa Bicycle Club continues to work hard on preparations for the 2020 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour (RLCT).  As more information becomes available regarding the COVID-19 situation, we feel it’s important to keep an open dialogue with all RLCT participants and OBC members. 

We continue to prepare to run the RLCT. However, a final decision on the event has been deferred until we know more from public health authorities.  As a precaution, we have paused registration. Once a final decision is made, registration will be modified accordingly.

COVID-19 Update

Please be advised that the OBC is closely monitoring the current COVID-19 situation. The safety and well-being of our riders is our top priority. We will be developing a comprehensive plan, with reference to public health guidelines, for RLCT as well as other OBC events.

Plans and any updates will be communicated by email and via our website in the near future.