Club Calendar Instructions

All club events are listed in a public google calendar. Upcoming events will appear on the OBC home page, and the full calendar can be viewed on the club calendar webpage on the OBC website. In addition, it is possible to subscribe to the club calendar in most desktop and mobile calendar applications. Instructions are below for the most common applications. 

Google Calendar Users

If you are an existing google calendar user, you can add the club calendar to your google calendar as follows:

  • From a desktop browser, go to the club calendar page, then click the “add to google calendar” icon:
You will be prompted to add the calendar for obc.clubwebmaster @

If you use google calendar on a mobile device, you must first add it using a desktop browser as per the instructions above.  Once you add it on your desktop browser, it will appear on your mobile device next time you sync your google calendar. You may have to navigate to your calendar settings to actually enable it.

Other Calendar Users

For users of other calendar applications, you can likely use either the ICAL or HTML subscription links below to add the desired calendar to your calendar application

Apple Calendar Users

If the previous procedures for Other Calendar Users did not work, you can try:

  • Settings
  • Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Add Account->Other
  • Add Subscribed Calendar :  ICS