The OBC offers members several clinics, resources, and support to help cyclists of ride safely, either alone or in a group, with a high level of skill and fun. The program helps newer cyclists and club members build confidence. It also provides resources for all members, no matter how skilled, to improve their riding and their knowledge. 

The OBC is a member-led and run club. We encourage all our members to get involved. If you are interested in helping with education in any capacity, we’d love to hear from you! We need people to organize and lead the clinics and to help put contributing to our resource materials.  

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to help email the Education Director

Clinics and Courses 

The OBC offers the following clinics. The availably of the clinics is subject to scheduling and volunteers willing to instruct. Exact dates for the clinics will vary based on demand and the availability of clinic leaders to run them. Specific dates and registration information will be placed in the club calendar, along with an announcement post to publicize them.  

  1. Riding Skills Clinic – This the entry point into the OBC’s training – The clinic is highly recommended for all new members. It’s designed to be suitable for all levels of cyclist – great for the beginner, and fun for even the most experienced rider. The Riding Skills clinic introduces riders to a set of basic skills and knowledge to help them ride with confidence and stay safe. The clinic involves lots of discussion, drills, and practice.  Cyclists of varying skills and abilities are accommodated. Even the most experienced cyclist will learn new things!  

  1. Group Riding Clinic – This clinic teaches participants group riding techniques that help build confidence in riding with a group. It is highly recommended that new members, especially cyclists inexperienced in group paceline riding, take this clinic before participating in group rides. It covers both single and double paceline riding, as well as basic techniques for riding as a group on public roads. 

  1. Cycling Safety Introduction  – This classroom session, usually offered in the evening, builds on the basic safety information covered in the riding skills clinic. Using videos and examples, a wide range of important traffic safety topics are discussed. It will change your view of cycling safety and provide you with several techniques that will significantly reduce your risk when riding on public roads. It’s also a very entertaining, interactive session! 

Ride Leaders Training 

We can always use more ride leaders!  The OBC encourages experienced, active touring riders to volunteer to become a ride leader. The club offers a 3-pronged approach to training and supporting ride leaders: 

  1. Ride Leaders Training Course – This “classroom” session provides new ride leaders with all the information and tools they need to successfully lead touring rides.  

  1. Ride Leaders Resources  – This repository contains reference documents useful for ride leaders. 

  1. Mentoring – We know some people find leading their first few rides daunting! New leaders can co-lead rides with an experienced ride leader to learn by doing while being supported. Also, we love questions and discussion – just ask! 

Reference Materials 

The club keeps a number of reference documents on safe cycling, group riding, cycling advocacy and other subjects on the OBC website.  

  • “Watch this space” – we will be working to consolidate our reference materials as well as adding to them over the next few months. If you have any suggestions or contributions please send them to the education director

  • Check out the Ride Guidelines for details on our touring riding procedures.  

Mentoring and Support 

We love questions and discussion! We are an inclusive, open club that promotes discussion, questions, and continuous learning.  Email the Education Director or Rides Director, ask any experienced member, or post on the cycling-education Discord channel