Tuesday Evening Rides

Tuesday evening group rides will return for the 2020 season starting April 14th and running every Tuesday night until the end of September. To reduce the amount of time spent riding in city traffic, the majority of our routes start from locations that allow us to quickly leave city traffic behind. The routes head south, east, and west out of the city, returning at or before dusk. As a result, these routes are shorter than the OBC weekend rides, ranging from under 35 km early in the season and gradually increasing to around 60 km in early summer when the days are longest.

Full schedule with destinations, distances and maps are in the Club Calendar and at the bottom of this page. You must join the club Ride with GPS account to view the maps.

The OBC weekly rides are members-only events. To ensure that only members take part, ride coordinators and group leaders will ask you to show a valid membership card at the start of each ride. Make sure to have your card handy and enjoy the ride!

The Tuesday program has a smaller overall group size than the Sunday program. The groups are not as well structured, and riders that show up are expected to be able to ride at a pace of at least Touring 1 (23 to 26 km/h). This is to ensure the rides are going at a pace fast enough to return before sunset. Depending on the amount of people, riders will split up into two groups or more. All group members are expected to ride co-operatively to start and end together, and to follow OBC group riding guidelines and speeds set for the group they are joining.

Rides start at 6:00 p.m. except in September, when we depart at 5:30 p.m. due to the shorter days. The rides are planned to finish before sunset, but sometimes stuff happens - flat tires, mechanical issues, etc... You must carry a lighting system for your bike (white light in the front, red in the back) in case the ride unexpectedly extends into darkness. You must not rely on others to have lights, as the group must be well lit to make sure it stays safe. It's also important always to carry water or a sports drink, as well as a light snack (granola bar, banana, dried fruit, etc.) for the longer rides. Although we attempt to take breaks at a store or location with toilets available for riders, this is not always possible.

We have updated the Tuesday routes again this year, redesigning portions of existing routes, replacing routes that were affected by changing traffic patterns, and adding new routes that get us out of the city sooner. As the city road construction and infrastructure improvement projects for the season are announced, however, we anticipate that further changes to current routes and destinations may be necessary. Start locations will not be altered.

I look forward to meeting many new and returning riders on Tuesdays. If you an experienced OBC member who might be interested in leading a group this season, please let me know.

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