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President's Message

Happy Canada Day…whether you are cycling 150 km today and/or…taking visiting family and friends around the region!

The Ottawa Bicycle Club is one of Canada’s oldest and strongest clubs. And the activities this past month have demonstrated to me why our tradition continues.

All our club programs are up and running. We have been training our new members to participate in our day tours. Our advanced skills clinic has just wrapped up. The TT trials are active on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our Youth Program is ongoing. And our early season cycling tours have been fully subscribed.

Almost 1900 riders found their way to Kingston and back by participating in the 46th running of the Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour in mid-June. As I rode along the course, it was great to chat with returning and new riders of all ages, our safety teams and marshals. The RLCT is our own OBC event…a tour that attracts cyclists from across Ontario, Quebec and beyond. The planning team works almost year-round, tending to all the details that brings back riders year after year.

And this week, the Global Relay Canadian Road Championships including the Gatineau Park Time Trials and the Aylmer Criterium saw Canada’s elite riders compete as well as our junior and youth riders. As an observer, it is rewarding to see the next generation of racers demonstrate their superb technical skills and to see the event organizers and their volunteer teams make it happen. The OBC had numerous roles in this event…as a sponsor, as key organizers, as cyclists, as course marshals and as fans. Next year the championships will be in B.C.

Our OBC cycling season continues. Check out the website for details.

Safe cycling,

Jenny Moore

Summer's End Century registration open

The SECT-Mont Tremblant Tour is back for another year, September 16 - 17.

The feedback from last year's tour indicated:

  • Most participants loved the accommodation at the Residence Inn Marriott at Mont Tremblant
  • The routes offered great scenery and beautiful roads
  • The hospitality suite was exactly what people needed after a day in the saddle, before heading off to the evening meal

With this in mind, the tour will offer the same accommodation, wonderful routes and cozy hospitality suite. The evening meal is not included in the tour cost, but tour participants will meet at a local restaurant in the evening where they can order what suits them best.


More information on the Summer's End Century page.

OBC Track Cycling Sessions

Don’t forget about the OBC's regular, one day, track cycling trips to the velodrome at the Centre National Bromont, in Bromont Quebec.


We have two firm dates:

  • Sunday, July 9th
  • Sunday, July 30th

We still have room for more people. Track “is a blast”, and definitely worth a try!

Depending on interest, we plan to have an additional 3 sessions in August/September. You can register for as many sessions as you want.

These trips will be similar to last year's Bromont trips, somewhat improved and better organised, now that we have experience running the sessions under our belt!

Please register ASAP by emailing Bill Bourne

These trips will be open to *all* OBC members, both youth and adults. Each trip will be customised for the specific ages and abilities of the attendees. Participants can attend as many or as few trips as they would like.

Track cycling is one of the best ways to develop a number of important cycling skills. It's also a blast... incredibly fun! If you have never ridden a velodrome before, these sessions are a great way to get introduced to the joys of track cycling.

To attend these sessions, you need to be:

  • Age 11 or older
  • Youth should be at the equivalent of L2T or T2T from the OBC Youth Development program. Adults should be at an experienced road rider … OBC Touring 2 level and up.
  • You don’t need any fixed gear riding experience. Training for brand new track riders will be included in the program.
  • You don't need a track bike, the Centre National has bikes available.

The cost for the day is:

  • $15 for experienced riders with their own track bike
  • $30 for experienced riders who are renting a bike
  • $45 for new riders … this covers a 2-hour initiation session from a Bromont coach, the track bike rental, and access to the track for the day

OBC BBQ at Baxter Conservation Area

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Yup, the great OBC BBQ is coming soon. Book your calendars for Sunday, July 23rd, 2017. It starts at 10:00 a.m. and goes to about 3:00 p.m. Come join the fun at the Baxter Conservation Area, about 6 km south of Kars, at the corner of Dilworth and Rideau Valley Drive South.The OBC Sunday Group Ride on the 23rd will include the BBQ as part of it’s route.

Fuzzy DO NOT SEND a.jpg


Grilled sausages and veggie burgers, refreshments, including coffee from Equator Coffee, all sorts of pop, juice, bottled water, veggie and fruit trays,as well as assorted snacks (e.g., potato chips) will be available.It's a great way to unwind, under the shade of the trees in a cool breeze. Or, choose Baxter’s Interpretive Centre with indoor seating. We do our best to accommodate specialized needs and preferences for vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as provide gluten free bread products.

If you can’t make the OBC Group Ride, please feel free to cycle on your own, or drive out, to see us. If you would like to pitch in and help with organizing and/or running the BBQ, please contact me. I always appreciate the help. I hope to see you there.

And a note from the OBC Garage Sale and New Members’ Night – thank you to all the ‘vendors’ that took the time to lug their loot up the three flights of stairs at the HMCS Bytown Officers’ Mess on Lisgar. We had a small, but very exuberant crowd and the prices were outstanding!  I picked up a cycling jacket, a pair of cycling sox, and a great red and black plaid cycling shirt for a mere $30.00! There was also OBC clothing for sale, and several purchases were made. After the selling was finished, half a dozen of us stayed and watched the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with the Senators battling the Pittsburgh Penguins, on the Officers’ Mess 10 foot screen! What a night. It was a pleasure meeting all of you.

George Gonis – OBC Social Director

The OBC Event Tent at the Canadian Cycling Championships

Saturday and Sunday, July 24th and 25th

Tunney’s Pasture, Ottawa


Most recently, the OBC Event Tent was set up at the Canadian Cycling Championships at Tunney’s Pasture on the weekend of June 24th and 25th. What a weekend! The top cyclists in Canada battled it out for road race supremacy, with the highlight being Ottawa’s own Matteo Dal-Cin capturing the Elite Men’s Race.


Matteo minutes after winning the Canadian Road Cycling Championship

A big thrill for me happened when Sara Poidevin, from the Rally Cycling Team, graciously allowed me to cycle with her through the whole 10 km Road Race course at the Fun Ride on Sunday. She is a true sport and very kind person. She is from Canmore, Alberta, majoring in kinesiology at The University of Calgary. It was an honour to chat with such a talented athlete. Incidentally, a few days later, Sara won the U-23 Canadian Time Trial in Gatineau Park.

The OBC directors had a very strong presence on the weekend. Jenny Moore (OBC President), André Gauthier (OBC Vice-President), Ron Stoneham (OBC Treasurer), Jason Clark (OBC Secretary), Bob Hicks (OBC Education), Nicolas Déry (OBC Touring), and Greg Douglas (OBC Youth Program), were all on hand to watch the action and help host at the OBC Event Tent. Peter Tregunno (OBC Racing Events) lead the way in the Canadian Championships Cycling Championships heading up logistics and course marshalling. He even handled the setup and breakdown of course equipment. Doug Corner, was ‘the man’ in charge of everything, and Bill Bourne, also a highly dedicated OBC member, was in the thick of course management. Thanks so much for putting on an outstanding event!

Throughout the Canadian Cycling Championship weekend the OBC had about a thousand bottles of water on hand for spectators, race officials and basically anyone that wandered into the OBC Event Tent. OBC pamphlets and newly printed OBC stickers were also handed out. As well, the OBC tents provided shelter when the rain hit hard. At one point during the Men’s Elite Race, the race had to be halted while the thunder, lightening, and buckets of rain made cycling too dangerous to continue. About a dozen cyclists from the race sought shelter in our tent. Once the danger had passed, racing continued. Also, our youth members had a great time cycling in the children’s events and Fun Ride, as well as ‘hanging out’ at the OBC Event Tent.

The Sunday cleanup was aided by Nat Peters and John Mazurek. Also helping out as an OBC Event Tent as a hostess was Kelly McClellan. Thanks so much! And, thank you Pat, for filling in as a host on Saturday. Finally, Emily O’Connor, from  Cycling Canada, was a big help in sorting things out for us at Tunney’s Pasture. Her guidance was much appreciated!


Nat Peters and John Mazurek helping out

George Gonis – OBC Social Director

June Race Week for the OBC Youth Program

From June 17th to June 25th, our Youth Program riders had no less than four key races to show off their talent.  From their presence in the Coupe de Quebec in Laval, to the Preston Street Criterium, a Cuisse Or Regional Time Trial, then the National Road Championships Kids Race.  With the organizers of the Preston Street Criterium raising $950 for CHEO, our OBC Kids figured prominently on the podium and in attendance.  On Saturday June 25th, the OBC Youth Program also sponsored a Fast and Female Champ Chat (https://www.fastandfemale.com/ ) in coordination with the National Road Championships.  Our female athletes were part of a group of 35 girls representing several sports in our region, allowing them to bond with cycling role models competing in the Women's National Road Championships.


More photos on the Club Flickr page

Finger Lakes


Rideau Lakes

Tail winds and warm sunshine, what more could we want for an epic bicycle tour!  Another RLCT is over and it was a great celebration of cycling.  Thanks to our sponsors, volunteers and cycling participants for a memorable weekend!  Follow our website and Facebook for updates about next year’s event starting in October. Happy riding!


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