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President's Message

Welcome to all new OBC members.  Watch our website for social activities over the next few months which will give you a chance to meet other keen cyclists. The Saturday morning group ride clinics will soon start and registration for the Advanced Skills clinic is open.

All our program directors are busy preparing for the upcoming season from day tours to touring events (especially the 47th Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour) and to weekly time trials (starting with the Good Friday TT). And the women’s TT series is looking for new recruits to test their skills.  Our Youth program leaders are gearing up for this years’ participants and our Racing program members are “in training”. 

As you can see from this edition, accolades are due to our track participants.  Thanks and congratulations to Bill Bourne.

I was in the OBC office today.  It was great to see several members arrive by bike with many layers of clothing on…soon it will be down to just our lycra kit!

Safe cycling,
Jenny Moore
President, OBC

Good Friday Time Trial - March 30, 2018

Yes, it's that time of the year again. Maybe your bike has been on the road all winter, maybe it has been on the trainer, or maybe it has been doing time as a laundry rack - we won't judge. 

Good Friday is in March this year - it takes extreme weather to cancel the GF TT, and the long range forecast is looking.... sunny. So get ready to get the first time trial of the year out of the way.


Who - you and your bike (and a helmet). Free for OBC members (bring proof of membership - that email you received when you registered online is perfect). Members of other OCA affiliated clubs and UCI license holders are welcome with a $30 fee (cash or cheque, we're old skool) for the season.

To speed things up at registration, you can fill in the waiver form 

What - 15km individual TT on the Sir George Etienne Cartier Parkway

Where - meet at the parking lot of the Aviation Museum

When - Good Friday (March 30, 2018). Registration from 9:30 to 10:30, first rider off at about 11 am.

Why - Why not? Who asks "why TT?", anyways?

Questions? You would like to help? (that would be great!) Email obc.racing.events@gmail.com 

OBC 2018 Touring Program Update

The 2018 OBC Touring season will unofficially start on April 1st, with a riders’ choice ride from Billings Bridge. The actual official start to our season will be Saturday, April 7th with the first Group Riding Clinic, followed on Sunday, the 8th of April, by our first Sunday ride.

No major changes have been made to the Sunday rides. The only changes we are looking at making during the season is to possibly add some new routes. If any members have suggestions, please feel free to send them to me.

The Tuesday rides have been modified with a minimum speed of Touring 1. This change was made to reflect the reality that we do not have dedicated Rambler leaders designated for the ride. Also, we want riders to all carry lights for this ride, as we want the groups to be well lit if for some reason a ride extends past sunset. We do not want people relying on others to carry lights. Please see the OBC website under the Tuesday ride section for more details.

No major changes to the Saturday ride. A few clarifications on the ride format have been made to the Saturday ride section, so please make sure to check this section of the website before participating in a Saturday ride. The only change to the Sunday rides, is that paper maps will no longer be available at the start of the ride, so please be sure to bring your own maps. This change was made due to more remote start locations, and very little riders taking maps. The maps links are on the club calendar.

The Group Riding Clinics (GRC), will have some changes. First, the program has been revised, using knowledge gained from the CAN-BIKE program. Also, the final group ride activity will now be mandatory for members taking the course. The final group ride route has also been redesigned to include more left and right turns, as well as avoid some bad road sections. The GRC must be taken by new club members before participating in group rides.

We are working at introducing to new offerings to the touring program for 2018 to broaden the offering. First, will be a family ride, currently targeted to start in mid-June (after the RLCT). These rides will be targeted to members with families who want to participate in group riding activities. We are currently working on the program, but the goal is to have shorter rides, on roads that have less traffic, led by a group leader.

The second offering will a pilot program to allow club members to lead their own rides with other club members. The club members will be able to propose a route, a ride speed, a starting point, and day and time of their choice. These rides will need to follow the same rules as all other club touring activities.

I wish all club members an excellent 2018 riding season. Please be on the lookout for updates to the rides, as variable weather, and bad roads early in the season force changes to the rides. I will make the final update to the ride (cancellation for weather) by noon the day before the ride at the latest.


Advanced Skills Clinic 2018

Starts Monday, April 23, 6:30pm in the Council Chamber at Ben Franklin Place

Being a better rider does not mean being a faster rider. For those of you who have already taken the group riding clinic and/or have some experience riding in groups, this advanced clinic will help you to improve the skills you already have and to develop additional skills and confidence to enjoy your cycling at a level you may not have thought possible.

Nine Weekly, Monday Evening Sessions

The course will be taught in nine weekly sessions starting Monday, April 23rd. More information and details of the curriculum can be found on the Advanced Skills Clinic page

Registration Required

You must register and pay a $65 fee to take this clinic. You'll get most of your $65 back with a free graduation dinner on the closing night.

Not for Beginners

The course is not for beginners, so if you do not have much experience, you should take the introductory Group Riding Clinic first, go on club rides, and come back next year for the advanced clinic.

Road Bikes Only

The course involves lots of agility work and group riding. You must bring a bike with drop handlebars and NO time trial bars. We've been flexible about this in the past, but no longer.

Although we do not promote this as a "learn to race" course, the curriculum has been adapted from Cycling Canada's "Learn to Race" manual and continuously developed over more than 30 years by OBC coaches. The skills are the same required by a competent racing cyclist and many students do go on from this clinic to become successful racers.

An Evolving Session on Traffic Safety

We added one classroom session on traffic safety to the curriculum last year. We will continue to revise this session as we learn more about the dynamics of accidents especially as they affect cyclists in a group.

The Coaches

This clinic has been extremely well supported every year by its volunteer coaches, many of whom have or have had successful racing careers, and some of whom have decades of experience teaching these skills. Former students are nearly unanimous in their praise of what they have learned from the clinic, so register early as there is a limit to the number of students we can accommodate.

Touring Events

The 2108 Touring Season is just around the corner. If you have plans to participate in one or more of our great tours this year, please keep in mind some of the  registration deadline dates:

Finger Lakes Registration Open

June 22 to 24 2018.

We will be staying at Inn at the Finger Lakes in Auburn, NY which is about a 4 hour drive from Ottawa.

The cycling routes offer beautiful views of the nearby lakes. While many roads are quiet, they also tend to be hilly, similar to riding in Gatineau park. The nearby town of Skaneateless is a great place to enjoy coffee, bakery goods or ice cream by the lake. 

There’s a Friday afternoon ride starting at 1pm, for those who can make it. Maps will be provided and tour participants should meet outside the inn to form groups.
The cost per person includes Fri. & Sat. accommodation and 2 continental breakfasts. There is a happy hour from 5-7pm on Fri. Dinners are not included but there are restaurants within easy walking distance.

More information on the Finger Lakes page.

Vermont Weekend - August 3 - 6 – Change of Location


The weekend was planned for Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier, but they had a conflict with a course offering and can no longer accommodate uss.

As an alternative, we’ve chosen Northern Vermont University in Johnson, VT, a very quiet part of the state. It seems many of the colleges in Vermont have renamed themselves and we’ve stayed here several times when it was known as Johnson State College. Like many other colleges in Vermont, it sits on top of a hill and looks down on the surrounding countryside. It’s about a four-hour drive from Ottawa

The college has plenty of rooms for us including singles, doubles, and triples.


Pricing per person is $230 based on double or triple occupancy $300 for singles. The price includes Saturday & Sunday dinners and three breakfasts.


Unfortunately, there is no discount offered for children, but we are hoping to see kids on this tour and will have plenty of riding options to suit younger riders.


This is a new one for us: the college does not provide bed linen or towels; you will have to bring your own.

Vermont Inn to Inn Registration Open

This year’s Vermont Inn to Inn tour will take place Monday August 6 to Sunday August 12, 2018. Our  destination will be northern Vermont, close to the Canada/US  border. It has been a long time since the club has visited this part  of the state. The first three days will be at the Inn in Montgomery Centre. This area, close to Jay Peak, offers a variety of routes ranging from short and flat to long and hilly. There are also mountain biking options. From Montgomery Centre we move to The Essex House in Island Pond, around 80 kms to the east. There are some classic rides from Island Pond such as the Lake Willoughby loop and Dixville Notch.

This trip is limited to 20 people (10 rooms, double occupancy) because of limited accommodation options. The price is $895.00 per person. This includes six nights, six breakfasts and six dinners.

More information on the Vermont Inn to Inn page

OBC Social - Nova Scotia Bicycle Tour

By Bram Moerman and Leona Gray
Wed, April 25th, 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
78 Lisgar St, Ottawa, ON.  K2P 0C1, Canada

You’ve all doubtless seen iconic photos of Peggy’s Cove. . .  But Leona Gray and I caught it as it was getting a facelift. Just one of the stops on our July, 2017 bicycle trip around the lower part of Nova Scotia, excluding Cape Breton.

Picturesque views from river bridges abound. In touring mode, there was always an opportunity to stop for a photo op.

Examples of “Farm Art” are found everywhere.

Please join us April 25th at the HMCS Bytown Officers' Mess (Crow's Nest), to see Bram and Leona’s Nova Scotia experience. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the presentation will start at about 7:30 p.m.. Look for the anchor on the lawn directly across the street from the south entrance of Ottawa City Hall on Lisgar Avenue. There is a cash bar to boot, and Door Prizes! Let's hope to see you there. Note: there is limited free parking on the east side of the building. Get there early for a spot.

George Gonis - OBC Social Director

Women's Time Trial Series - 30th Season

If you are a woman who enjoys riding a bicycle, we would love to have you join us for the OBC Women's Time Trial Series on Tuesday nights from May 1 until Aug 28 2018 on the Sir George-Etienne Cartier Parkway.

The OBC WTT series, which is about to start its 30th season, can be enjoyed by all women cyclists, regardless of their age, speed or experience level. Two of us have participated from the starting year, 1989.

The beauty of time trials is that not only are they are fun and social (with dinner afterwards if interested), but they will also help you get fitter and faster in a safe environment. Riders start individually rather than in a pack, so it's just you against the clock.

We do 10km in May and proceed to 15km for the rest of the series. During the season you can see your fitness level improve and you can participate in our awards program.

All you need is a bike, a helmet and membership in the Ottawa Bicycle Club.

  • Meeting Time: 18:00 on Tuesday nights.
  • Meeting Location in May: Parking Lot P3 on the Sir Georges-Etienne Cartier Parkway - 1km east of Blair Road.
  • Meeting Location from June to August 28: The Aviation Museum parking lot.

For more information contact

Celia McInnis celia@drmath.ca or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/celia.mcinnis

The RLCT – Parts to a Whole

The OBC is one of the oldest and largest bicycle clubs in Canada with more than 1100 members. The RLCT is the Club’s largest and best-known event with up to 1800 registrants. The two are intricately linked and mutually beneficial. How, you might ask?

Each year up to 500 OBC members register for the Tour. Of these members, up to 35 become official Route Marshals acting as safety ambassadors by sharing cycling advice and encouraging safe cycling behaviours. When needed, Marshals act as Incident Responders at accident scenes along ride routes and identify unsafe cyclists to Tour officials.

That leaves 400+ OBC members riding as unofficial Tour Ambassadors!  If you are an OBC member and riding the RLCT, you are a defacto role model for 'Safe Cycling' following the Club and Tour road safety rules!

When 1800 cyclists descend on quaint towns and villages on a weekend during cottage season, road safety is paramount. Please support Tour safety by volunteering as a Tour Marshal or in the unofficial capacity of OBC Tour Ambassador.

Together you will help make the 47th RLCT a safe and enjoyable Tour by all involved: riders, volunteers, sponsors, and the beautiful communities we ride through.

Not registering to ride this year? Consider being a volunteer. Check the many volunteer positions by visiting IVolunteer RLCT 2018 or contacting Susanne Reid.

Club Road Safety  
RLCT Tour Safety

OBC Junior Racing Team Report

While great ski conditions continue in Gatineau Park, bike racing season is just around the corner. In preparation, the OBC Junior Racing Team recently held its first social meeting at Les Lafleurs Optometry (a team sponsors) and stopped by the Gatineau Bike Show to meet the Argon-18 rep, the team’s bike sponsor for the season. It gave everyone a chance to meet, begin to bond, and build excitement for riding and racing together. This event highlighted the benefit of merging last year’s ECG and OBC Junior teams, bringing together several great athletes from the Ottawa/Gatineau region. This year’s team’s teams includes:

  • Brett Stoppa, 17 North Bay
  • Carson Miles, 18 Nepean
  • Cédric Beaulieu, 17 Gatineau
  • Dominique Gervais, 17 Navan
  • Magalie Tardif, 17 Hull
  • Marie-Pascale Henrie, 18 Aylmer
  • Matt Dickson, 18 Westboro
  • Maude Plouffe, 17 Hull

Our competition season starts with the the OBC Good Friday Time Trial followed by a track camp at the Forest City Velodrome in London from April 6-8. From there, we start a block of awesome local racing: Calabogie on April 22nd, Almonte-Roubaix on April 29th and Clarence-Rockland Classic on May 6th. Now that you know the team, please come say hi!” when you see us.

OBC at the Provincial Track Championships

A number of OBC riders made the trek to the Mattamy National Cycling Centre in Milton to attend the Ontario Provincial Track Championships, March 2nd-4th. There was a large field of riders from Ontario, Quebec and the northeastern United States, and the racing was fast and hard with Canadian champions and Canadian record holders racing in many of the categories.
Our riders included:

  • Benjamin Harrington, U17 Cadet
  • Seneca Pacquette Jäger, U17 Cadet, from Les Cuisses Or de l'Outaouais
  • Brett Stoppa, U19 Junior
  • Bill Bourne, Master D (over 60)

The riders each competed in multiple events over the 3 day competition. Our youth riders rode very well, looking competitive. And we all had a lot of fun. I was so busy coaching, riding my own events, and even doing a bit of volunteering, that I had no time to take photos. I did manage to scrounge a few images from others.

Bill Bourne hanging on for dear life in the Scratch Race

One Podium for the OBC - Bill got a bronze in the Scratch Race in the Masters D (over 60) category

Four Clubs, One Team for the 4KM Team Pursuit. Actually two OBC members, as Robin Marjoribanks at the back in his LapDogs kit, is also an OBC member, and another over 60 rider.. We finished dead last, (by a lot!), but met our objectives and had fun.

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2017 Board of Directors

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