Ride With Us

A core element of the Ottawa Bicycle Club’s services to its members is the offering of a variety of regularly-scheduled rides.   Members will be notified of these rides via the club’s on-line activity calendar and, occasionally, through other electronic means such as e-mail.   

Participating in these rides is a benefit available only to club members.  The types of rides vary, but all provide an opportunity to ride with like-minded people, offering a social opportunity in addition to the physical activity. 

Members will normally be asked to sign up for rides in advance, taking note of ride style, distance and pace options that may be available. Choose the ride that is right for you, based on your cycling experience and interests.  And please review the information under the “Safety” tab for important pointers so that we can all complete the rides in a safe and enjoyable manner. 

COVID-19 Protocols 

The Ottawa Bicycle Club will follow the latest Return to Sport and Progressive Return to Cycling Guidelines of the Ontario Cycling Association (found at https://www.ontariocycling.org/covid-19-information/). Where there is any conflict between the OCA guidelines and the OBC’s normal Ride Guidelines, the OCA guidelines take precedence.   

All members should familiarize themselves with these items prior to participating in any Ottawa Bicycle Club activity.