Queen's University

The accommodation at Queen’s University will be in a variety of residences. For the 2023 RLCT most participants will stay in the newer buildings (Endayann-Tkanonsote, Brant House, Leggett Hall and Watts Hall) that have two adjoining single rooms with a shared washroom (referred to as single plus rooms). Some families may stay in the older buildings (e.g. Victoria Hall), in the double or triple rooms with a common washroom. Queen’s has an excellent interactive map to help you find these buildings.!ct/66890?s/

You can view the floor plans at

A room of one's own at the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour at Queen's in Kingston. Above all — the bike must be comfortable.
Queen's University Residence room. With bike. Of course.

A buffet dinner and breakfast are included with all the accommodation at Queen’s. Queen’s University can cater for some dietary restrictions, but you must identify those when registering for the event.

Residence feast. Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour

When you arrive at Queen’s University you will be given your room card or key at the desks set up for that. These must be returned on Sunday morning.  Do not just leave these in the room. If you do not return the card or key you will be charged $15 for the card and $125 for the key – as the lock has to be changed.

Algonquin College

Algonquin College offers rooms for the participants of the tour.  These are typically adjoining rooms with a shared washroom.  

At this time, there is no arrangement with Algonquin College for any reduced room rate.

If you are looking for accommodation now, it would be best to look using regular on-line services.

Accommodation in Perth

Unfortunately, there is very little accommodation available in Perth –  June is wedding season in Perth.   Local motels, may have some rooms available.