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ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Services

ares ARES has been the communications life-line for the RLCT for as long as most of us can remember!

Through out the supported routes, ARES sets up communications repeater stations and mobile units to monitor the tour and keep the Route Marshal and organization team up to date on any issues on the road.

Most people will know ARES for their friendly cheers at key locations along the route - and for communicating a need for a support vehicle to a specific location.

Ofcourse, the privileged few will also know the ARES mobile unit for doing such a good job on the sweep on the tail of the supported routes .. both days!

Like to learn more about ARES? .. Try this link: ⇗ .

St. John Ambulance

Why? .. because 'stuff happens', and it's nice to have professional first responders on-site in Kingston!


"Well-trained and well-equipped, St. John Ambulance volunteers are at countless public events to give first aid care when emergencies occur. By being there, St. John volunteers are 'first on the scene' in the critical minutes until medical assistance arrives".

Collaborators - on route

Toledo - Cruise

  • Located at km 96/79 at junction of County Roads 8 and 1
  • Community fundraiser
  • Homemade sandwiches, soup on a cold day at nominal cost
  • Toilets

 Battersea Holiday Country Manor - Century Plus / Cruise

  • located at km 75/27 (Century) and 148/27 (Cruise)
  • Rest Stop, food to buy, toilets (portapotties only)

Battersea Convenience Store - Century Plus / Cruise

Battersea Store

  • located at km 75/27 (Century) and 148/27 (Cruise)
  • Rest Stop, food to buy, toilets

Sunbury Gen Store - Century Plus / Cruise

  • located at km 82/20 (Century) and 155/20(Cruise) on Battersea Road
  • Sandwiches, coffee, drinks to buy

Elgin Grocery Store - Century Plus / Cruise

  • located at km 47/55 (Century) and 120/55 (Cruise)Wheels in Motion
  • Rest Stop, food to buy, toilets

    Wheels in Motion Bike Repair - Cruise


    Ashton Canteen - Classic Ashton

    • Homemade baked goods
    • Freezies
    • Cold Drinks
    • All food nominal cost
    • Toilets

    Last Duel Last Duel Park - Classic

    • Located at km 72/98 in Perth
    • OBC (Ottawa Bicycle Club) sponsored water, juice, toilets
    • Food at nominal cost as a local community fundraiser
    • Rest Stop, food to buy.

    North Crosby - Classic

    • Located at km 117/54 just outside of West Port
    • Community fundraiser to support local recreation activities 
    • Indoor & outdoor gathering place
    • Homemade sandwiches and baking at nominal cost
    • Community outreach in case of emergency

    Perth Road Village Store - Classic / Challenge

    • Perth Village Storelocated at km 142/28 (Classic) and 182/28 (Challenge)
    • Rest Stop, food to buy, toilets