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2020 Registrant Options

By now, everyone who registered for the 2020 RLCT should have received an email with your options for Defer to 2021, Refund 90% or donate!

The options are described here.

If you did not receive an email but did register for 2020, please contact Laura at the OBC office.


Important message to all Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour registrants: Impact of COVID19

It’s with great regret that I must inform you that the OBC Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2020 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, for the first time in its 49-year history.

It goes without saying that the RLCT is our flagship event, and this decision was not easy. We’re facing ever increasing headwinds as a result of the public health response to the COVID19 virus, and although we were hopeful June would see a return to some kind of normalcy, the uncertainty regarding participant safety, and the need for extensive planning and preparation, not to mention upcoming financial commitments, has left us little choice but to cancel the event.

In addition, the uncertainty of event safety and viability later in the summer, with weekends crowded by other events, questionable volunteer availability, and unknown venue availability has led us to conclude a rescheduled 2020 RLCT is not feasible.

Due to sound financial management in previous years, the Ottawa Bicycle Club is in a position to make an exception to its long-standing no-refund policy. Registrants for the 2020 RLCT will be offered three options:

  • defer to the 2021 RLCT at no extra expense to themselves
  • a refund of 90% of their 2020 RLCT payment, or
  • the option to simply donate the 2020 RLCT payment to the OBC in support of the club, to help with our large COVID deficit

We sincerely hope to see you at the 2021 RLCT, which is why we're offering the no cost deferral, but we also understand that many would prefer to have cash now. We have already incurred significant expenses this year, and need to recover some of that, which is why the refund is set at 90%.

There will be subsequent email/messaging to you and on the OBC website with more details about these options and how to select the one that appeals to you.

You should also keep an eye on the OBC website ( ). Many of our events (Sunday/Tuesday tours, Time Trials, and Youth training) are already pre-planned, so when the public health situation indicates it’s safe to do so, we’ll be opening those up.

As a matter of policy, we’re not planning to refund OBC memberships.

We still anticipate an active, albeit shorter, season. Even now, and even with the ban on group events, OBC members can still access our club routes via Ride With GPS, and, with the exception of routes that cross the provincial boundary, go riding on the roads as a single!

And if you do get out, post on the club’s Facebook page to let everyone know!

I want to say a huge thanks to the RLCT Committee and volunteers who have already put many days into planning for the 2020 RLCT. Even though we won’t be running the event, we truly appreciate their contribution and commitment, and look forward to welcoming them back next year.

Once again, I wish to make clear my deep regret at having to communicate the unprecedented decision to cancel the 2020 edition of the RLCT, but want to say the OBC is even more committed to being back for RLCT 2021, and a full 2021 cycling season. This will pass!

Be safe – Scott McDougall, OBC President"

Old News

COVID-19 - Registration Paused

The Ottawa Bicycle Club continues to work hard on preparations for the 2020 Rideau Lakes Cycling Tour (RLCT).  As more information becomes available regarding the COVID-19 situation, we feel it’s important to keep an open dialogue with all RLCT participants and OBC members. 

We continue to prepare to run the RLCT. However, a final decision on the event has been deferred until we know more from public health authorities.  As a precaution, we have paused registration. Once a final decision is made, registration will be modified accordingly.

We’ll continue to work with all of our partners to ensure the safety of all riders, volunteers, family members, and members of the enroute host communities. 

As more information becomes available, we will be in touch with all RLCT participants and OBC members who may not have registered as yet. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time and for the efforts you’re making in ensuring the safety of all. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


ABC's of Cycle Touring May 11th


We invite new OBC members, first-time Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour (RLCT) participants, and anyone with touring questions or concerns to join us for an informative and timely evening, taking place one month prior to the 49th annual RLCT event - giving you plenty of time for preparations leading up to the Tour weekend of June 13th/14th.

Come with questions! After a brief introduction and some key tips from our expert panel, made up of members from the Ottawa Bicycle Club and the RLCT Committee, the floor will be open to your touring-related questions. Whether it be related to RLCT logistics, training and preparation, nutrition and health and road safety, or questions about our new Rider Code of Conduct, we’ll happily cover it.

So, please join us for coffee, snacks, and plenty of conversation on Monday, May 11th from 6:30 to 9:30pm at Tom Brown Arena, 414 Bayview Rd.

see MAP

Happy Training!

Why Wait? - Early bird ends March 31st!

Don't forget that early bird pricing ends on March 31st!

Combined with your OBC membership, it's a price that's hard to beat!

why wait


Registration for the 49th edition of RLCT is now OPEN!

Registration has begun! Why wait? Sign up now and you'll have established your own personal "training start" and be one stop closer to toward achieving your Rideau Lakes goals. Early bird pricing ends March 31st.

And, for those incredible OBC members who would like to help out as our Tour Ambassadors (Ie, Tour Marshals), now is the time to sign up. Please be sure to tick off the box during registration that asks if you are interested in volunteering and attending the mandatory Marshal Training Session (being held on the evening of April 8th at Mill Street Brew Pub in Ottawa). 

Happy training!


50 minus 1 - are you ready?

snow 2

Can't seem to get your head past 'a ski in the park' ?

The 49th Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour opening registration is soon upon us and all those spinning hours and kilometres on the skis are your prep for this premier cycling event!

Get early bird prices when registration opens Friday January 31st at 12 noon! Put it on your calendar!

Thank-you 2019 Volunteers and Sponsors

RLCT 2019 could not have done it without you - thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their time and most of their weekend (and more) to make sure it was a great success. 

The Club would also like to thank all the sponsors who graciously give of their time, services and/or financial contribution to support the riders! 

Please check our sponsors out and support them! (

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March 12th, 2020

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March 7, 2020

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Jan 23, 2020

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Jan 19th, 2020

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Jan 18th, 2020

  • updated RLCT Code of Conduct

Jan 11th, 2020

  • updated OCA graphics to official 'Sponsored' version for 2020.

Jan 8th, 2020

  • board undecided on pricing .. put '2019' back on pricing

Jan 6th, 2020

  • added Tour Pick-up hours
  • removed 'anniversary' from History
  • adjusted Perth route description and removed bogus '2019' in Pricing
  • added Hélène Soucy to Contacts for Perth Coordinator.

Dec 27, 2019

  • updated map graphic with new Century Plus and Classic (Tennison Rd detour)
  • removed route files for Century Plus until new routes available.

Dec 18, 2019

  • updated Algonquin Parking with codes etc.
  • adjusted Marshals page
  • hide volunteers page and 'weekend-sched' page until content is correct
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Dec 16, 2019

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Dec 13, 2019

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Dec 12, 2019

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Dec 10, 2019

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  • adjusted Century Plus ride description through Rideau Ferry .. needs more tweaking.

Dec6, 2019

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Dec 4th, 2019

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  • added 'Tour Kit pickup - Bib#' menu item to Logistics section
  • add Interpodia sponsor, removed a few.
  • adjusted Century to Century Plus as it is now 110km ..
  • many other small edits

Nov 24th, 2019

  • too many updates to list. Mostly date changes for 2020 and where we don't know date or location or code we enter TBD.

Nov 6,2019

  • Added note in volunteers-marshals that we need people to register early if they would like to be a marshal. Date to be determined (TBD).

Aug 23, 2019

  • updated website for 2020
  • still to do: facebook link, update 2019 dates within pages to 2020 dates - when they are decided, remove 2019 route detour (Classic)
  • updated Contact Info (Event Manager - TBD)
  • adjusted Registration Button.