Tips and reminders for new club members

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Here are a few tips and reminders for new club members to make the group rides enjoyable and safe.

  • We require new members to take the Group Riding Clinics before joining the group rides. This is to insure all members understand the group riding skills and signals of the club.
  • Bring maps. The maps are available on the club calendar, and can be printed from the PDF or downloaded to the phone or bike computer via the link provided. It is important for each rider to have a map and be somewhat familiar, as at some point, you will be at the head of the group, and it is difficult to hear all the instructions from the ride leader.
  • Arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of the ride to get yourself and your bike ready for the ride.
  • Make sure to inspect your bike before the ride (brakes, chain, derailleurs, frame) and inflate your tires. There is nothing worse than having a mechanical or flat before or during a ride.
  • Bring tools, pumps and spare tubes. If you get a flat, group members will assist you, but you cannot rely on others to have the correct tools to fix a flat.
  • For the Tuesday evening rides, make sure to bring lights, in case the ride last into the darkness (in case of a delay to assist a rider).

And most important, enjoy the ride!