Pilot Program: Members Choice

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The OBC Touring Program is launching a pilot program called Members Choice until the end of the 2018 cycling season. The main goal of this program is to increase the number of club rides beyond our mainstay Tuesday and Sunday rides. Since this is a pilot program, there can be changes to the format, and feedback from participants is welcome. If this program proves successful, we will look at implementing it on a permanent basis in the upcoming season.

Members Choice rides allow club members to organize rides for other club members. Here are the basics of the program.

  • Any club member can organize a ride.
  • Rides can be organized at any time of the week, except during the Tuesday evening rides, or the Sunday rides.
  • The rides can be repeating (i.e. weekly) or a single event.
  • Rides must be submitted 10 days in advance to allow the club time to post the ride.
  • These rides are for club members only.
  • The organizer can select a single ride speed (no need to cover all speeds for these rides)
  • OBC Group Riding rules must be followed on the rides.
  • The ride organizer must give two days notice to cancel the ride.

To submit a ride for the calendar, the following information will be required.

  • Name of the ride organizer.
  • Name for the ride (can be a fun name).
  • Ride date and start time.
  • Start location for the ride.
  • Map of the ride and ride distance.
  • Ride speed (i.e. Rambler, Touring 1, Touring 2, etc...)

The OBC will do the following with the information.

  • The ride will be posted in the club calendar.
  • A map for the ride will be posted on the calendar, as well as the start location.
  • A Doodle sign-up sheet will be created, to allow the organizer to know how many participants to expect.
  • A posting will be put on the website to advertise the ride.

Please send your proposed ride information to obc.touring.program@gmail.com. These are still OBC rides, so the club can cancel rides due to unsafe conditions (i.e. weather). The organizer will be informed.