OBC Clothing Inventory Discounted

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As you may be aware from recent bulletins, the Club has committed to a new OBC kit design for our line of cycle clothing.  It is expected that the new line of clothing will be available to members by the start of the 2019 cycling season.

In order to make room for the new line, it will be necessary to sell off our existing inventory of clothing items.  This inventory is currently valued at approximately $10,000. 

To accomplish this, we are offering our current inventory items at a 60% savings off existing prices.  This is the link to our current Club Boutique. 

Take the Discounted Price and add HST and you have a deal.  We have a few other items in inventory that will be sold at 40% of our latest list price.  Call or email the office (obc.admin@gmail.com) to check on available quantities and sizes. 

You can also come to the General Design Meeting Monday, March 4th 5-7 pm at the OBC Office 170B Booth Street at the corner of Booth & Albert to try on the item you wish to purchase.  Please arrive from 3-5 pm before the meeting.  We have a change room and a full-length mirror to assist you. 

Or you can come at any other time during office hours:
Monday 3 pm to 8 pm          Wednesday 3 pm to 8 pm       Sunday noon to 4 pm