OBC Expands Social Media Presence with a new Member-only Facebook Group

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The Club is pleased to announce that we are expanding our social media presence with the creation of a new OBC members-only Facebook discussion group, a group that will complement our existing Google Group.  The creation of this new Facebook group becomes effective today; members can access the new group here.  We encourage all members to participate in this new discussion group.

Because of the popularity of the Facebook platform among OBC members, the ease of access from desktop and handheld apps as well as the versatility of their application, we have decided to create this new group in order to provide enhanced opportunities for discussion purposes, member-to-member dialogue as well as a means to continue to build and develop an online community presence for our Club.

While the page will be monitored by senior volunteers for adherence to acceptable content rules and decorum, it is meant to be used primarily as a means to promote dialogue, to share information of common interest,  learn about Club activities, and to share our mutual love of cycling

We remind you to continue to monitor our regular OBC Facebook page for the latest in Club announcements and information, as this information will continue to be posted there, as well as through our regular membership e-mails and via our other social media accounts.

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