Time to Register for July 14th OBC Track Trip to Bromont Velodrome

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While our first track trip got rained out, the next one is coming up fast! Don’t miss out on the pure fun of riding an Olympic velodrome!

It’s time to register for our next OBC summer track cycling trip to the Bromont velodrome ( http://centrenationalbromont.com/caracteristiques-du-velodrome/ ), coming up on Sunday, July 14th.  These trips are open to all OBC members. Adults are welcome and encouraged to come and give the track a try. Youth should be age 12 and up..  Email Bill Bourne at bill@bashd.ca  to register.

If you have never ridden a velodrome before, these sessions are a great way to get introduced to the joys of track cycling. Experienced track cyclists will also get a lot out of this trip. There will be a range of exercises and riding customized to the specific people that attend. We’ll accommodate all fitness levels and interests, and there will be opportunities to “crank it up” if you want.

The format:

  • The OBC Junior racing team has commandeered the OBC van for Le Tour de l’Abitibi (an international UCI sanctioned junior stage race), so we’ll be arranging car pooling to get to and from the track. 
  • Leave Ottawa at 6:30  AM to be at Bromont by 9:30 AM to register and get people set up on rental bikes, so we can be on the track at 10:00 AM
  • We will start with “initiation” training for new riders, to get new riders comfortably introduced to velodrome riding, and develop their basic skills
  • We will have group paceline riding, as well as specific training sessions over the course of the day, based on the interests and abilities of the attendees. We will accommodate the specific needs and requests of riders. 
  • Leave for Ottawa at about 4:00 PM

To attend these sessions, you need to be:

  • Age 12 or older (if younger and keen, contact Bill)
  • Youth should be at the equivalent of L2T or T2T from the OBC Youth Development program. Adults should be an experienced road rider
  • You don’t need any fixed gear riding experience. Training for brand new track riders will be included in the program.
  • You don’t need a track bike, the Centre National has bikes available.

The costs are:

  • $15 for experienced riders with their own track bike
  • $30 for experienced riders who are renting a bike
  • $45 + Tax for new riders … this covers a 2-hour initiation session from a Bromont coach, the track bike rental, and access to the track for the day

Registration is simple - just send Bill Bourne an email at bill@bashd.ca You can also email Bill with any questions you have.

See you at the track!