2020 RLCT Registration Fee Options

Thank you for your patience as the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour Committee and the Ottawa Bicycle Club have been working on the details of your 2020 RLCT Registration Fee options.  

All RLCT Registrants will have received an email by now with instructions on how to select the options described below. If you did not receive an email and you registered for the RLCT 2020 tour, contact Laura at the OBC office.

Please note that selections must be made no later than May 31st, 2020. After May 31st, no refunds or deferrals will be processed.  

OPTION #1: Defer to the 2021 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour (June 12-13, 2021) 

Should you select this option, a Tour refund will not be processed.* Your payment and contact information will be kept on file and the RLCT Committee will send an email to you before 2021 Tour Registration begins. This email will contain a 'coupon code' which can be used at checkout during 2021 RLCT registration. The value of the coupon will be equivalent to the registration option paid in 2020. Ie,

  • If you registered for the Full Tour Package as an Early Bird with an OBC discount, your coupon will be worth the value of a 2021 Full Tour Package Early Bird Registration with OBC Discount. 
  • If you paid for 'Ride Only' with an Early Bird discount, your coupon will be worth the value of a 2021 'Ride Only/Early Bird'. 
  • If you register after the Early Bird 2021 Tour deadline or for a more expensive 2021 Tour option, you will be prompted to pay the difference in price upon registration.
  • If you register for a less expensive 2021 Tour option, we will not be able to issue any refunds at that time for the price difference. 

Option #1 represents the best value, should you be considering signing up again in 2021, for the following reasons: 1. Every penny spent will go toward your 2021 registration; 2. As long as you register as an Early Bird and for the same Tour package, there will be NO payments required upon 2021 registration; and 3. Your registration will not be subject to any Tour price increases. 

*Algonquin Breakfast add-ons cannot be deferred so will be refunded in full.

OPTION #2: 90% Refund

Should you select this option, a refund will be processed either on the same credit card that was used for your 2020 Tour registration. If you used a prepaid card, you should choose the cheque option. The 90% refund applies to the total amount paid for the Tour (including processing fees). Ie, if you registered for the Full Tour Package as an Early Bird (non-OBC member) and paid $180 + taxes and fees (total of $219 at checkout), you will receive a refund of $197 (13% HST included). Note that Algonquin Breakfast add-ons are separate and will be refunded in full. 

OPTION #3: Donate the 2020 RLCT payment to the OBC

Should you select this option, a refund will not be processed and all funds paid toward your 2020 Tour Registration (minus taxes and processing fees) will be donated to the OBC to ensure the Club’s solvency going forward. Your generosity is greatly appreciated as the Club navigates its way through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.  
We trust you understand that, like many other events, months of planning and unrecoverable expenditures have already gone into the 2020 Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour, and the options above represent every effort made to put money back into riders' pockets, while helping to ensure that the Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour will be able to continue into 2021 and beyond. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We wish you health, happy independent cycling, and we hope to see you in 2021. 
The RLCT Committee / Ottawa Bicycle Club