Saturday, September 19th – OBC SECT (Summer’s End Century Tour)

SECT Parking

Don’t miss the Summer’s End Century Tour !! The Tradition continues…..

We know that COVID-19 has put the kibosh on most of the usual tours this year but we are proud to say NOT the SECT. Although due to COVID we are not able to put on the usual two days with an overnight extravaganza, we are doing a one-day Century Tour on Saturday September 19th. 

The ride will start in the beautiful village of Russell and head south through the scenic eastern Ontario hamlets of Morewood and Chesterville before heading east to Avonmore, known for some of the best tasting strawberries you'll find anywhere. 

The turn is made at Avonmore and the route back passes through Crysler and Cannamore, where the orchards are world famous. It is highly recommended that you stop for a classic cannamore apple….then back into Russell where you can meander up and down the main strip and grab an ice cream or a gatorade at the friendly C gas station convenience store, all the while social-distant socializing with fellow riders. 

This is an event not to be missed….You will have to pre-register to participate. Please see below. Deadline is Thursday September 17. 

Group rides will be single file with two meters between bikes and limited to groups of twelve riders.  

Planned departure is for 9am from the Russell Arena, Russell, Ontario.  

Start location:  Russell Arena (1084 Concession Street -

Parking:  Please park near the baseball diamonds beside the Russell Arena.  Please do not park at the arena.  Please park along the red arrow as in image attached.

Distance:  107.8 km


Pre-register at this link:

Membership:  You must be a current 2020 member to participate.  

If you haven't signed up for 2020 membership yet, you may do so here:

Waivers:  There is an additional waiver to sign prior to confirmation of your registered time slot.  Please sign, download a copy in PDF, and email the PDF version to the office at  If you have already sent in your waivers – thank you!

The COVID-19 waivers are available here:  

We look forward to seeing you there!