Ride Leaders Training on May 12, pre-registration

As we await positive developments in our fight against COVID-19, we continue to explore ways to offer cycling opportunities for our members. The OBC's group riding can hopefully start in June, with a new look! Over the winter, club members have been working on growing the touring program to include more weekly rides of a much greater variety. In addition to the traditional club touring rides, we are adding women's rides, gravel/mixed surface rides, and sportif rides.  
We need your help to make this happen. We are looking for Ride Leaders and hope you are interested in volunteering! 

Our goal is to build a large and diverse community of Ride Leaders. Variety is crucial to having the large, dynamic touring program needed to meet the needs of our membership.  

What does a ride leader do? 

  • Host a group of riders on a ride 
  • Gather the group together at the start of the ride 
  • Ensure introductions are made and everyone is comfortable with the route and speed 
  • On the ride, mingle in the group to ensure group cohesiveness 
  • Highlight club rules and riding etiquette when needed 
  • Act as the first point of contact for troubleshooting issues and concerns 
  • Look out for the riders in the group and ensure everyone gets back safely 
  • Monitor pre-registration and handle planning of the ride  

Ride Leaders don't have to be the fastest/fittest/best or most experienced rider, and they don't ride at the front of the group or are solely responsible for navigation. 

In addition, we hope some of our Ride Leaders will also be willing to be "Ride Creators". Ride Creators handle the coordination that takes place in the days before the ride. They may choose or create a new route of their own.  

As a Ride Leader, you choose which club touring rides you participate in. And we expect most Ride Leaders will focus on a particular style of ride: Gravel Rides, Women's Rides, or Touring rides of a given speed. 

If you are new to ride leading, we've got you covered. We will be offering Ride Leaders training, with the first session scheduled for May 12th.  

There will always be experienced Ride Leaders available to ask questions to and help you out. We'll also provide some written reference material you can refer to.  

To volunteer, or if you have questions, please contact: 

Please let us know what style/speed of ride you are willing to "Host" and whether you are also interested in the "Ride Creator" side of Ride Leading. 

Mark your calendars for May 12, 7-9 pm, and pre-register here to save your spot:



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