Women's Time Trial Info Series: Golden Training Nuggets for Female Cyclists [with Team Triumph Coach Julia Aimers]

Join us on Zoom where Julia will be sharing some amazing training and nutrition nuggets to: 

  • help you understand your female physiology
  • learn to use the right foods at the right times to make you stronger
  • explore how your hormones can be used to train with instead of fighting against them!

In this 45 minute talk Coach Julia will touch on some quick tips you can use to change the way you eat, train and race!

Julia Aimers is a certified Canadian and USA Cycling Coach, Triathlon Coach, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, High Performance Specialist, Accredited Training Peaks Coach and Avid OBC Time Trialist!

Join Julia's Zoom meeting room:

Meeting ID: 964 5899 1284
Passcode: 834411