Board recruitment

To all members of the OBC 

As you know, the OBC is a volunteer-driven organization.  All of the club rides, time trials, youth program activities, education programs, webinars and other activities only exist through the volunteer efforts of our members.  Many of our members have stepped forward into leadership roles with those programs this season, leading to what is shaping up as a very successful riding season, despite the challenges of the pandemic. On behalf of all club members, thank-you to our volunteers for their dedication and service to the club! 

Another important area where member volunteers are required is with the club’s Board of Directors.  The Board is the overall management body for the club, looking after its finances and other administrative details, communicating with members, as well as ensuring that all the aforementioned program areas are developed and presented in a cohesive manner.  See the club’s website under About > Board of Directors for more information. 

At this year’s AGM there will be a number of board positions up for election. In a few cases, the incumbents will be seeking re-election but, in many cases, there will be opportunities for new board members.  Most notably, we are looking for a new Treasurer – a position that would be of most interest to people with a CPA background. 

We are inviting members of the OBC to indicate their interest in serving on the Board of Directors in the coming year.  Interested members should contact the Board’s Nominating Committee to discuss the specific role(s) that may be of interest as well to indicate the background skills and abilities that they can apply to those roles.  

Please contact the Committee by Sunday 19 September, through OBC VP David Palmer, at In the meantime, any questions regarding the Board roles or the upcoming election process may also be addressed to David, at that same email address.