OBC Trip to Forest City Velodrome

Feb 4-6, 2022

Track is back! Bill Bourne ( bill.bourne@ottawabicycleclub.ca ) has arranged with Forest City Velodrome to host us for a long-weekend trip from Friday evening Feb 4th through Sunday February 6th.

FCV is a really fun track to ride! It’s the perfect track both for new riders learning track cycling, and for experienced riders wanting to enhance their skills. Our trips to FCV are by far the best way to get significant track experience in a compressed timeframe at very low cost. You also get an opportunity to meet, socialize, and ride with many riders from southern Ontario. And it’s a whole lot of fun!

We’ll make sure all riders have a program that addresses their goals. We can accommodate youth to adults, recreational riders and racers, new track riders and experienced trackies. We’ll have lots of track time - there will be more than enough riding time, and opportunities to do whatever training and skills development you want.

All ages, from 11 to adult to, well, "even older than me" are welcome. Riders should have good basic riding skills, and be able to ride 25-30KPH for 15-20 minutes at a time.

The draft schedule is:

  • Friday morning: leave Ottawa for the track
  • Friday evening: Beginner’s track training & certification and private club session. Get set up on rental bikes, and get settled in. We take beginners through the basics of riding a fixed gear bike, and getting up onto the track. We go over the protocols for riding at FCV, do some pace-line riding, provide time for riders to play around on the track, and give experienced riders some riding time.
  • Saturday morning: We ride in an open controlled recreational group riding session with the FCV community. This is a bit like a “club ride” on the track… there are multiple pace-lines of different speeds.
  • Saturday afternoon: Youth Structured Training with Attack Racing Club. Our youth can participate in the regular Structured Youth Training session run by Attack Racing
  • Saturday afternoon/evening: Private club session - What we do depends on who’s on the trip, but we generally do a mix of skills development, some fun fast efforts, and allocate some time for individual riders to do whatever they want.
  • Sunday morning: Another Recreational group ride with FCV members.
  • Sunday morning: Another private club session.
  • Sunday 1:00 PM: leave to return to Ottawa

The cost is $125 per rider for the 3 days, including track bike rental. Hotel cost is about $120 per room per night. We’ll arrange car pooling for travel to and from FCV in London, and sharing gas costs.

Participants need to be double vaccinated, and follow standard COVID protocols.

To “sign up” or for more information, Email Bill Bourne at bill.bourne@ottawabicycleclub.com We need at least 8 participants for the trip to go ahead.