Time Trial Rules

Safety Guidelines

  • You are responsible for your own safety. Obey traffic laws. The Parkway is not closed for the event. You are deemed to be a regular road user.
  • Line up at starting line on the shoulder in departure number order. Stay off the travelled part of the roadway.
  • Generally ride to the right as you would when normally using the road. You are not required to be on the paved shoulder.
  • Respect the rights of other road users. Allow plenty of room when passing pedestrians or other cyclists.
  • When passing another TT participant, abide by traffic laws pertaining to passing another road user. Do not pass to the right. Maintain a speed sufficient to get clear of the other participant.
  • When being passed by another TT participant, you must allow a five bike length gap to be created before you make an attempt to catch and pass that participant unless you were already accelerating (as happens when approaching the finish line).
  • Do not ride with your head down.
  • A club official is on duty to mark the turnaround point and to vouch that riders reach the turnaround point. The official is not authorized to advise you on whether you should turn. He or she is not authorized to interfere with traffic.
  • The decision to turn is yours alone. You must check in both directions well in advance of the turnaround point to determine whether it is safe to turn. If in doubt, err on the side of waiting.
  • Helmet use is mandatory.

Procedural Rules

  • (For Open TTs only) warming up on the course after the count down commences is forbidden. Warm up to the west of the start line. Failure to observe this rule will result in disqualification.
  • Leave personal gear at the starting line.
  • Planned rolling starts are prohibited. If a rider unintentionally misses the allocated start time, a rolling start may be permitted at the discretion of the timekeeper.
  • The penalty for a rolling start will be a minimum of five seconds. The rider’s elapsed time will be measured from the allocated start time or 5 seconds before the rolling start time whichever is earlier.
  • No drafting is allowed except in team time trials. The five bike length rule applies.
  • Call out your number loud and clear two times or more as you approach and cross the finish line. If another rider is crossing the finishing line just ahead of you, allow him or her to call his or her number first so the correct finishing sequence can be recorded.
  • Ride through the finish line and continue riding in the same direction so as not to interfere with riders finishing behind.
  • If you have belongings to pick up, make your U-turn at least 100 metres beyond the finish line.
  • To avoid congestion on the Parkway, return to the parking lot after the time trial to await results. Do not go back onto the course. This will result in your disqualification.
  • Riders shall not approach the timekeepers for information on times prior to the announcement of official results in the parking lot.
  • No coaching is permitted while riding the time trial unless by authorized officials. (Club officials will advise the TT organizer if he or she intends to accompany a rider(s). “Coached” times will not be recorded officially and thus shall not count towards awards or trophies. These rules may be waived for special events, for example, when young riders are accompanied by adults.