May 20-22, 2020

The 2020 Westport tour dates are set for Wednesday, May 20 to Friday, May 22.  We will stay once again at the Cove Inn. We will also have the choice of staying in local B&B’s at the same cost to compensate for the loss of Fredenburgh House to a fire in January 2019. There will be new remote starts from both Newboro and Forfar for participants who do not feel comfortable cycling along County Rd 42. These new routes will allow participants to discover new destinations such as Portland on the Big Rideau Lake, Athens and a choice of Lock stations along the Rideau Canal. 

The tour will take you to the most impressive locks on the Rideau Canal Lock System (The Narrows, Newboro, Chaffeys, Davis and Jones Falls).

It is an ideal “first tour” for members to develop an appreciation for OBC Tours. Westport is only 90 minutes from Ottawa and accommodation at the Cove Inn  is quaint and very affordable:

Cost per Person for 2 nights, double occupancy including breakfast: $160.35

Lunch - Not included. Usually people pack a lunch to take because provisions en route can be very limited. The Cove Inn can supply a packed lunch for a small fee.
Dinner - Not included. Wednesday’s dinner will be at The Cove Inn. Thursday’s dinner will be at the Tangled Garden.

Transportation to and from: Not included..


For further information, please contact the OBC Office. or Ruth Bonk