What to Bring

Nutrition - Each rider is responsible for carrying sufficient food and fluids for his/her needs.  Some rides include planned stops where food or water can be purchased - these will be advertised in advance – but everyone should be prepared with nutrition options in case of unexpected store/restaurant closures. 

If your group opts to stop at a pub or a restaurant, remember that they are businesses and understandably don’t take too kindly to a bunch of cyclists bringing in their own food and drink. On the other hand, businesses are usually quite happy to fill the water bottles of good customers. 

Clothing - Ensure that you are adequately prepared for changes in the weather during a ride.  Dressing in layers is a good strategy for handling cool weather at the start of a ride on days when it is expected to warm up.  Carrying a nylon jacket is wise on days with a chance of rain. 

Be Prepared - You are expected to be self-sufficient with respect to your equipment:  carry a pump, a spare tube, and a basic tool kit for making repairs during a ride.  One advantage of a group ride is that others will be with you and able to help if needed.  

Each rider should be aware of the planned route for the ride.  The routes are usually available for download to a GPS device in advance of the ride; carrying a printed map and/or cue sheet is a good alternative.