Youth Fall Cyclocross

Come the fall, the youth program switches focus from road to cyclocross.

Cyclocross involves riding on a variety of different terrains including pavement, wooded trails, grass, uphills, downhills, twists, turns and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount, carrying the bike while navigating an obstruction and remounting.  Think of it as steeple chase with occasional bouts of mud and smiles all around.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide a safe, fun and friendly introduction to the sport of cyclocross to OBC youth members.
  • To continue to build cycling skills including balance, braking, acceleration and endurance that have been developed in the OBC spring/summer road program.
  • To introduce cyclocross-specific skills including dismounting, mounting, approach to barriers/obstacles, and riding different types of terrain.
  • To support advanced youth riders, demonstrating an interest and commitment to cyclocross, through additional training support and coaching support at regional, provincial, and national competitions as appropriate.

Program Details:

Season Schedule (tentative)

  • Weeknights: 
    • Ages 5-11: Thursdays (Aug 26, Sept 3, 10, 17, 24, Oct 1, 8); 6:30-8:00pm and Sundays (Aug 30, Sept 6, 13, 20, 27, Oct 4); 9-11am
    • Ages 12-18: Wednesdays (Aug 25, Sept 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct 7); 6:30-8:00pm and Sundays (Aug 30, Sept 6, 13, 20, 27, Oct 4); 9-11am

Training Locations:

  • Various local parks including the Arboretum, Mooney's Bay, Britannia Beach Park.


  • Ages 5-18 (and interested member parents with a registered child).
  • Training groups will be formed based on age and skill/ability level.

Program Fees:

  • All Ages: $25 (plus HST)


  • Bike: we recommend beginning on a mountain bike, or a road-style bike that can accept slightly wider tread tires. For experienced riders, moving to a cyclocross specific bike is the best option. Bikes must have functioning brakes.
  • Sturdy running shoes or mountain bike shoes (clipless pedals for experienced advanced riders only).
  • CSA-approved helmet.
  • Cycling gloves.
  • Water bottle and snack for all training sessions.

Racing Opportunities:
Training sessions are held in advance of and can be tied to the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series, a regularly scheduled youth/family friendly series of Sunday events taking place from late September through November that will be fully supported by trained and certified OBC coaches. Registration for the series is done separately.
For advanced youth riders, coaching support will be provided for provincial- and national-level events.

Registration Information:

Program Fees

Spring Road:

  • Ages 5 to 8 (2012 to 2015): $55 (plus HST)
  • Ages 9 to 18 (2002 to 2011): $85 (plus HST)

Summer Road:

  • Ages 5 to 8 (2012 to 2015): $55 (plus HST)
  • Ages 9 to 18 (2002 to 2011): $85 (plus HST)

Combined Spring/Summer Road:

  • Ages 5 to 8 (2012 to 2015): $100 (plus HST)
  • Ages 9 to 18 (2002 to 2011): $60 (plus HST)

All riders (including parents who accompany riders) must be members of the Ottawa Bicycle Club, and bring their membership cards with them at all registered events. Parents who are not riding with the program do not need to be an OBC member. Through a single online registration process you will purchase an OBC Membership, purchase an Ontario Cycling Association membership (citizen permit is usually the most appropriate option unless planning to race a great deal, in which case, a UCI license is best), and select and purchase the desired youth program option. 

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Contact Information

For questions, please contact the Youth Program Director:E-mail