Youth Development Program

The OBC Youth Development Program provides a structured environment for youth cyclists to develop skills and have riding opportunities that encourage a lifelong passion for cycling.

This is an inclusive program, suitable for a wide range of cycling abilities and interests, from recreational riding to racing. Below are descriptions of the program streams in road, mountain biking and cylocross that are progressive and complementary in nature.

Program objectives

  • To provide a premier youth cycling program that develops riding, racing, maintenance and safety skills in a fun setting that builds a lifelong passion for the sport. 
  • To provide the opportunity for youth riders to push their limits so as to achieve and celebrate their full potential.
  • To provide opportunities to experience being part of a team that works together whether in training, touring, or racing so as to grow together in fitness, health, character, and self-discipline. 

Road program

The core of our programming is the spring/summer road sessions where we teach the skills for youth to handle a bike, ride in groups, learn traffic safety, improve fitness, and have fun doing so. Youth will also have the opportunity to push the limits in supported touring and racing events starting in May and continuing through the spring and summer.

Program details

  • Summer session July 6 - August 27
  • Time:
    • Central option: Saturdays 9-11 am and Wednesdays 6:30-8 pm
  • Locations:
    • Central option: Experimental Farm (Wed) and Centre Asticou (Sat) with other locations on occasion
  • Fees:
    • Summer session
      • Ages 6-8 (2014 to 2016 year of birth): $80 (plus HST)
      • Ages 9-18 (2004 to 2013 year of birth): $115 (plus HST) FULL

Bikes: For our youngest riders (6-8 years of age), we recommend a youth road bike (with either flat or drop handlebars).  Alternatively, a youth mountain bike is also suitable. BMX bikes are not suitable for our program. For riders 13-18 years of age, a road bike with drop handlebars is required. For more information on bike options, please reach out via the contact information below.

Mountain bike program

After a very successful launch in 2021, we will once again be offering a cross-country mountain bike program for youth cyclists 9-18 years of age. We will have fun developing skills and fitness using a variety of mountain bike terrain in the National Capital Region and will support those athletes interested in racing.






Program details

  • Summer session: July 4 - August 28
  • Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 6:15-8 pm, as well as Sundays 9-11 am
  • Locations: various start locations in the region including Centre Asticou, Experimental Farm, Kanata Lakes, Green's Creek, Stoney Swamp, Larose Forest etc.
  • Fees:
    • Summer session
      • Ages 9-18 (2004 to 2013 year of birth) Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays: $115 (plus HST)


Come the autumn, our focus moves to cyclocross which involves riding on a variety of different terrains including pavement, wooded trails, grass, hills, twists, turns and obstacles requiring the rider to quickly dismount and carry the bike while navigating an obstruction and remounting.

Program details

  • Fall session: September 7 - October 6
  • Time: 
    • 12 and over (2004 to 2010 year of birth) - Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm and Sundays 9-11 am
    • Under 12 (2011 to 2016 year of birth) - Thursdays 6-7:30 pm and Sundays 9-11 am
  • Locations: Various centrally located parks in the Arboretum, Experimental Farm, Mooney's Bay, Vincent Massey Park and Britannia Beach Park
  • Fees $60 (plus HST)

Registration information


All riders (including parents who accompany riders) must be members of the OBC. Parents who are not riding with the program do not need to be an OBC member. There are two steps to the registration process:

Step 1: Club membership (Youth, $15) and Ontario Cycling Association license (Provincial race license, $45):!/events/ottawa-bicycle-club-membership-2022

Step 2: Register for the Youth Program option of interest (spring, summer, road, mountain bike, etc.):!/events/ottawa-bicycle-club-youth-programs-2022

If you encounter any technical issues with the registration process, please contact CCNbikes support at:

1-778-381-8104 or 1-866-534-2453


Contact Information

For questions regarding any aspect of the Youth Program, please contact the Youth Program Director at