Zwift Rides

In the winter months, the OBC is on Zwift organizing weekly group rides for its members and friends. To help us know who is looking for an invitation to a club event or meetup, it is helpful to add “OBC” to the last name on your Zwift profile, for example, “FirstName LastName (OBC)”. 

To facilitate communication during club-organized Zwift rides, please download and join the OBC Discord server in advance of your OBC first event. Then, going forward, you can plug-in your microphone, join the public voice channel, and participate in the social group chatter while in-game. 


You can find the complete and up-to-date list of Zwift rides and their style (no-drop, workout mode, individual time trial, early morning coffee ride, women’s-only, endurance, etc.) on the Club Calendar. 

Club Events 

Anyone with a Zwift account can join the OBC Zwift Club. Once you are a member, use the Zwift Companion App to navigate to the Clubs menu and check out the Club Events section to see the calendar of upcoming OBCZ rides. Tap the event of interest and sign up by scrolling to the bottom and tapping the [+] icon. More detailed guidance can be found via Zwift How-To Join an Event and Read The Calendar. 

Meetup Events

To be invited to an OBC-led Zwift Meetup, you will need to search for and follow Meetup Organizers (see the to find this information) from the Zwift Companion App. Those with “OBC” in their names will get invitations from the Meetup Organizer through your Zwift Companion App, from which you can then RSVP to the Meetup. More detailed guidance can be found via Zwift How-To Guide for Meetups. 

Help with Zwift and/or Discord 

If you aren’t familiar with Zwift, all the details you need can be found in this this article from BikeRadar describing what Zwift is, how it works and what equipment you need to get started. Help from the OBC Zwift community can also be found on the obcz-help forum on the OBC Discord server 

For more direct assistance on all things Zwift- and Discord-related or to express your ideas and interest in becoming a Ride Organizer for the OBC, please contact Kevin Brown on Discord (preferred method) or by email.