Each year we recognize outstanding performances and very special contributions by awarding trophies and medals.

The club currently has six trophies and three plaques that it awards annually. Medals are awarded for the best three 15km (men and women) for the BAR and Handicap Time Trials.  All are presented at the Club's awards ceremony held at the end of the year.


Lea Gault Trophy - Rider of the Year

The Lea Gault Trophy for Rider of the Year was named after its donor, club member, the late Lea Gault. It was first awarded in 1975.



1974 Robin Majoribanks (?)
1975 Bob Hicks
1976 Peter Matuzals
1977 Brian Parkin Jr
1978 Brian Mackie
1979 Brian Mackie
1980 C. Dal-Cin
1981 R. Gould
1982 William Trischuck
1983 R. Kuder
1984 James Brooks
1985 Norm Cowan
1986 Norm Cowan
1987 Norm Cowan
1987 Gord Fraser
1988 Norm Cowan
1988 Debbie Jensen
1989 --
2000 Avery Burdett
2001 Mike Lau
2002 Aaron Fillion
Mike Lau
2003 Aaron Fillion
2004 Aaron Fillion
2005 Mike Nash
2006 Andrew Lattimore
2007 Andrew Lattimore
2008 Florence Laplante-Lamarche
2009 Alex Cataford
2010 Brian Trafford
2011 Nina Nesdoly
2012 Vincent DeHaitre
2013 Connor Byway
2014 Connor Byway
2015 Derek Gee
2016-17  -not awarded -
2018 Carson Miles
2019 Laury Milette
2020 - not awarded -
2021 Celia McInnis  


Founders Trophy - Handicap Time Trial Champion

The Founders Trophy for Men's Handicap Time Trial Champion donated by OBC Life Member, Ken Smith. It is believed that the trophy came from the collection of Russ Coupland, Canadian cycling legend. First awarded in 1976.




1974 Chris Mullington A separate Women's Handicap Time Trial trophy was not acquired until 2000.
1976 Brian Parkin Jr.
1977 Dick Henly
1978 Fred Bushnell
1979 John Large
1980 John Large
1981 Paul Delrion
1982 Eric Borromeo
1983 Bram Moerman
1984 Steven Bromback
1985 Bram Moerman
1986 J. Ashmore
1989 Norm Cowan
This trophy was not awarded from 1990 to 1999.
2000 Rick Sudac Mary Ajersch
2001 Hermann Kerckhoff Mary Ajersch
2002 Aaron Fillion Allison McKay
Ellen Pazdzior
2003 Rick Sudac Ellen Pazdzior
2004 Rick Sudac Jennifer Stephenson
2005 Rick Sudac Jennifer Stephenson
2006 Andrew Lattimore Ellen Pazdzior
2007 Andrew Lattimore Sue Schlatter
2008 Alex Cataford Erika Resesz
2009   Rick Sudac Allison McKay
2010 Rick Sudac Allison McKay
2011 Aaron Fillion Erika Resesz
2012 Derek Gee Bailin Xie
2013 Connor Byway Kelly Knowles
2014 Derek Gee Marie-Alexandre Lemire
2015 Rick Sudac Sue Schlatter
2016 Carson Miles Lisa Meyer
2017 Carson Miles Lisa Meyer
2018 Joel Katz Jazmine Lavergne
2019 Joel Katz Laury Milette
2020 Joel Katz Linda Boisvenue
2021 Joel Katz Linda Boisvenue


George Alfred Ellender Memorial Trophy - Best Junior

The George Alfred Ellender Memorial Trophy for Best Junior donated by OBC Life Member, Peter Tyler. The original trophy was lost for a number of years and a replacement was purchased by the club in 2000. The original trophy was found and returned to the club.



1978 John Large
1979 Michel Van Mussenbroek
1980 Scott Tyler
1981 William Trischuk
1983 M. Townson
1984 Steve Bromback
1985 Marc Booth
1986 H. Loeffelholz
1987 Kris Westwood
1988 Mark Harrower
1989 Carlos Bada
2000 Colin Burn
2001 Lynne Wolfson
2003 Brook Boocock
2004 - not awarded -
2005 - not awarded -
2006 Logan Cornel
2007 Jamie Riggs
2008 Alex Cataford
2009 Alex Cataford
2010 Bailin Xie 
2011 Vincent DeHaitre
2012 Bailin Xie
2013 Jeremie Lacasse
2014 Derek Gee
2015 Connor Byway
2016 Carson Miles
2017 Dominique Gervais
2018 Jacob Lacroix
2019 Laury Milette


Female Recipient

Male Recipient

2020 Alexandra Phaneuf

Kyle Fyfe

2021 Mallory Williams  Brendan Saunders


Best All Rounder Trophy

Trophies for Best All Rounder Men and Women. The Men's trophy was donated in 1980 by Ottawa Bikeway, a store well frequented by OBC members until its sad demise in the 1990s. The women's trophy was purchased by the club in 2000.




1980 Michel Van Musschenbroek A separate Women's BAR trophy was not acquired until 2000.
1981 Don Moxley
1982 Don Moxley
1983 Peter Davison
1984 Bram Moerman
1985 Bram Moerman
1986 Norm Cowan
1987 Norm Cowan
1988 Norm Cowan
This trophy was not awarded from 1989 to 1999.
2000 John Bence Ellen Pazdzior
2001 Aaron Fillion Erika Revesz
2002 Paul Datars Sheila Kealey
2003 Paul Datars Sheila Kealey
2004 Michael Nash Jennifer Stephenson
2005 Michael Nash Amanda Shaw
2006 Michael Nash Ellen Pazdzior
2007 Michael Nash Sue Schlatter
2008 Michael Nash Erika Revesz
2009 Michael Nash Allison McKay
2010 Aaron Fillion Allison McKay
2011 Aaron Fillion Andrea McKay
2012 Aaron Fillion Veronik Bourgon
2013 Aaron Fillion Kelly Knowles
2014 Aaron Fillion Kelly Knowles
2015 Aaron Fillion Kory McDonald Ibarra
2016 Aaron Fillion Kory McDonald Ibarra
2017 Rodrigo Diaz Dianne Marleau
2018 Aaron Fillion Ainara Benavente
2019 Aaron Fillion Linda Boisvenue
2020 Aaron Fillion Linda Boisvenue
2021 Aaron Fillion Linda Boisvenue


President's Award

The President's Award is given to a volunteer for outstanding service to the club over an extended period. His or her name is added to the President's Award plaque which hangs in the club office.



1979 Ernie Trischuk
1980 Art Morewood
1984 Chris Bartle
1986 Bruce Timmermans
1987 Leslie Cameron
1988 Joan Fraser
Ian Fraser
1990 Bob Simpson
1991 Bruce Timmermans
1993 Roy Churchill
1994 Ron Barton
1996 Robert Trotter
1997 Don Moxley
1998 Greg Franks
1999 Bram Moerman
2000 Serge Boudreau
Suzan Bouchard
2001 James Wilson
2002 Ronald Elmer
2003 Rosmarie Gerber
2004 Rod Plunkett
2005 Barb Wilson
2006 Bob Woods
Ian Austen
2007 Alex McKnight
2008 Jeffrey Furry
2009 Bob Hicks
2010 Gunter Hauschildt
2011 Robert McClure
2012 Lisa Hebert
2013 Gail Tannenbaum
2014 Hélène Soucy
2015 André Gauthier
2016 Ron Stoneham
2017 Ric Potter
2018 Peter Tregunno
2019 Noel Harrington
2020 Bill Bourne
2021 Steve Cornick  


Group Ride Achievement Awards

Group Ride Achievement Awards were inaugurated in 2003 to recognize the unique achievements of Club members who have accomplished a distinctive goal worthy of recognition, and reflect favourably on the OBC's Group Riding program.



2003 Ron Stoneham
John Barnhardt
Trish Murray
André Marier
Louise McLaren
2004 Dave Lennox
Robert Harrison
2005 - not awarded -
2006 Scott McDougall
Alex McKnight
2007 Pat O'Toole
Henry Drystek
2008 Gord Boston
2009 Karen Jardine
Helene Soucy
2019 Hélène Soucy
Ken Panton
Bruce Lowe
Cristina Inglis
Gail Tannenbaum
2020 Dave Palmer
André Gauthier
2021 Kevin Brown
Parham Momtahan
Candace Anderson
Bill Bourne


Brian Parkin Sr. Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour Outstanding Volunteer Award

The Brian Parkin Sr. Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour Outstanding Volunteer Award was created in 2020 to recognize our outstanding RLCT volunteer while recognizing the significant contributions made to the OBC and to honour one of its Lifetime Members, Brian Parkin Sr. 

Year Recipient
2020 Harold Blount
2021 Harold Blount


Nicole Laviolette WTT Award

The Nicole LaViolette WTT Award was created in 2020  in honour of the late Nicole LaViolette, a resolute supporter of the WTT and the OBC.

Year Recipient
2020 Emily Graves
2021 Isabel Holt

Life Time Members

The following persons have been awarded life-time memberships in the Ottawa Bicycle Club for the unique contributions they have made.

Life Members Past Life Members
Don Moxley Alan Large
Mike McCall Roy Fowler
Robert Trotter Al Gamble
Rosmarie Gerber Lea Gault
Ian Austen Peter Tyler
Bob Woods Robert Oades
Bob Hicks Ken Smith
  Brian Parkin

Club Presidents

The following table lists all the presidents of the Ottawa Bicycle Club since its renaissance in 1971.


Year(s) President
1971 Mike McCall
1972 vacant
1973 - 1976 Alan Large
1977 Bob Oades
1978 Brian Parkin
1979 - 1980 John Smeaton
1981 - 1982 Roy Fowler
1983 - 1984 Brian Parkin
1985 - 1986 Judy Deitiker
1987 - 1988 Dwight Yachuk
1989 - 1992 Daphne Hope
1993 - 1995 Detlef Hess
1996 - 1999 Ray Burnham
2000 - 2003 Avery Burdett
2004 - 2007 Perry McKenna
2008 - 2009 Tom Stratton
2010 - 2011 Ron Stoneham
2012 - 2015 Peter Tregunno 
2016 - 2018 Jenny Moore
2019 - 2020 Scott McDougall
2021 Jim Brennan
2021-Present David Palmer