Ride Leaders Training

We can always use more ride leaders!  The OBC encourages experienced, active touring riders to volunteer to become a ride leader.

The ride leaders training is one way we support new ride leaders. This “classroom” session provides new ride leaders with all the information and tools they need to successfully lead touring rides.

What Happens at a Ride Leaders Training Session?

This is a classroom session, in presentation format, which lasts about 2 hours. The session encourages question and discussion among the participants. Topics covered include:

  • The role of the ride leader
  • The steps in organizing a ride
  • The role of the ride leader
  • Ride organization & registration
  • How to handle mechanicals, medical, and other issues
  • Resources
  • Preparing for a ride
  • What to do at the start of a ride
  • What to do during the ride
  • After the ride
  • Basic group riding behaviours

Is there more information?

  • Presentation dates: Presentations will be announced in a club announcement post. You can also check the OBC Calendar for specific clinic dates.
  • Location: In the past, we’ve done the presentation virtually online. It would be nice to get back to in-person sessions! (The arrangements will be provided in the calendar entry for the specific session)
  • Contact the Education Director or the Group Riding Director for more information.
  • You can also access ride leaders resources at Ride Leaders Resources (Needs to be updated with proper file folder) This includes a copy of the training presentation.