Open Time Trials

The TT series is an OBC members only event – See Becoming a member for OBC membership on-line registration

Since the mid 70s, the Open Time Trial Series has provided an evening of fun and challenge for the developing racing cyclists. Whether you are a recreational cyclist or a serious racer doesn’t matter. All ages and abilities are welcome to participate. New members are especially welcome. No one should feel intimidated to come out and enjoy a very sociable occasion as well as a real cycling challenge. So wheel on over and let’s get racing

OTT Schedule


Thursday evenings, May to September (See Club Calendar)


Pre-registration only, closes Wednesday at 9pm

Race time:

First rider starts shortly after 6pm


Time Time Results


Pre-registration only. A link for registration will be posted to the club calendar a week in advance. Registration closes on Wednesday evenings (9pm)

The Course

The course itself is a 15 km long out-and-back and follows the Eastern Parkway from near the Aviation Museum to the turnaround near Montreal Rd and finishes just opposite the start line

Course Route

Participation Rules

The following items should be brought to each event

  • Helmet
  • Bicycle in good working order

The following Time Trial Rules rules are to be followed at all times.



Series Long Classifications

This year, there are two series long classifications – Best All Round (BAR) and Age Handicap. Note that the age is based on age as of December 31st of the current year.

The final series results will be computed from the OBC’s time trial database one week after the last event of the season. Corrections will not be accepted after that date.

Best All Round

  • Qualifying events are the OBC 15km Open and Woman’s time trials, and both OBC and Almonte Bicycle Club 40km time trials.
  • The classification is based on the average speed of a rider’s best 15 km result and best 40 km result
    • Example: best 15 km time = 21:30 = 41.86 km/h, best 40 km time = 57:00 = 42.11 km/h. BAR result = (41.86+42.11)/2 = 41.99 km/h
  • Ties will be broken by the fastest 15 km result. If still tied, a tie is declared.
  • Club trophies are presented to the top male and top female
  • A medal will be presented to the top three riders in each racing category (including the top male and top female)

Age Handicap

  • The classification is based on the sum of a rider’s best 3 handicapped times from the 15 km open series.
  • A rider’s handicap (time deduction) is calculated from the following table


Handicap in seconds


2:30 (i.e. riders under 16 may enter but will have no age advantage)


20 seconds + (19-age) * 30 seconds


(23-age) * 5 seconds


0 (no handicap)


(age-39) * 5 secs


1:40 + (age-59) * 8 secs

  • Example: Jane is 42 years old on December 31st. Her handicap is 15 seconds. Mary is 50 years old; her handicap is 55 seconds. Jane’s best 15km times are 22:05, 22:15 and 22:20. Mary’s best times are 22:30, 22:35, 22:40.
    • Jane’s handicap result is (22:05+22:15+22:20)-(3×0:15) = 66:40 – 0:45 = 65:55
    • Mary’s handicap result is (22:30+22:35+22:40)-(3×0:55) = 67:45 – 2:45 = 65:00
    • Mary is ahead of Jane in the series
  • Ties will be broken by the holder of the lower handicap, and if still tied, a tie is declared.
  • Club trophies will be presented to the top male and top female
  • A medal will be presented to the top three male and female riders (including the top male and top female).

Best 3 15km

  • This classification is based on the riders best 15km results from the OBC Open and Woman’s Time Trial Series
  • Medals will be presented to the top three riders in each age category.

Age Categories

We use the standard CCA (Canadian Cycling Association) racing categories, which use age as of Dec 31 of the current year

  • Master A = 30 to 39
  • Master B = 40 to 49
  • Master C = 50 to 59
  • Master D = 60 to 69
  • Master E = 70 to 79
  • Master F = 80 to 89

We also have

  • Minime = Under 15
  • Cadet = Under 17
  • Junior = Under 19
  • Senior = 19 to 29


OBC members – free


The series is run by volunteers and as such we are always looking for extra hands to help out. Devoted partners and friends are needed as time-keepers, bike holders and course marshals. All riders are encouraged to recruit new participants and volunteers, or by helping out themselves.

Volunteer Schedule

For more information, to volunteer to help out at the Time Trials, or for schedule updates, contact the OBC office.