Becoming a Member

Join or Renew your OBC membership today!

The OBC is dedicated to being a premier cycling club in Canada, supporting high quality recreational and competitive cycling opportunities that promote a lifelong passion for the sport.  

The OBC offers its programs in affiliation with Ontario Cycling, which oversees the sport of cycling in Ontario.  All OBC members are required to also purchase a membership in OC (see below for more information). 

To continue to provide our members with high quality riding opportunities and member services, the OBC is proud to offer its membership fees for the 2023 season:  

2023 Membership Fees (per calendar year)

  • Adult (19 years+) $65.00*

    (until February 28, 2023)

  • Adult (19 years+) $80.00*

    (after February 28, 2023)

  • Student (19-28 years) $35.00*
  • Youth (under 19 years) $15.00*
  • each additional family member $35.00*

* Does not include required OC membership (see below) 

Your OBC Membership’s primary benefit allows you to access and participate in all of the OBC’s cycling programs. Please note that most OBC activities or events are open only to current year Club members. In addition, you get: 

Multiple weekly roadgravel and women’s rides 

Cycling skills development and training

Free open and women’s time trials

Ottawa area bike shop discounts

The Spokesperson newsletter delivered to your inbox

Youth Development and Racing program

Representation in the cycling community

The regular adult membership rate is only $65.00 until February 28, 2023 after which the regular rate of $80.00 applies.  Additional adult family members residing at the same address can join for $35.00 per person.  

The regular Full & Part-Time Student (19-28 yrs) rate is $35.00.  Registrants may be required to provide proof of enrolment in a degree, diploma, registered apprenticeship or skills training program.  

The OBC is committed to making cycling accessible to youth (18 and under) and is proud to keep the youth cycling membership cost at $15.00.  

If you get stuck at any point in the registration process, you can call CCN Bikes (the operator of the registration site) at 1-866-534-2453.  

We ask that you please carry your 2023 OBC membership card with you when participating in any OBC sanctioned event. It will be attached to the “Welcome” letter that will be emailed to you after registering with the club.  You may keep the membership card in digital form or, if you prefer, you can print the card.  

Please contact the Club Office for further information.  No cancellations of memberships once fully processed.  We cannot process or issue membership refunds for any reason.  

A note on the required OC membership step:  

All OBC members are required to hold a membership with Ontario Cycling (OC). Most OBC members only require a basic “Associate Club Membership” in OC. If you are registering for the Youth Program or plan to race within Ontario, you will require a Provincial Race License, while those planning to race more broadly require a Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) license.  The appropriate category of OC membership / license may be selected in the “Add a Membership / License option…” section on our CCN Bikes registration pages.  

*Membership fees do not include 2023 OC Membership. Each OBC member is required to also hold (a) an Associate Club Membership with OC ($51), (b) a Provincial Race License ($48 for under 19 yrs.) ($93 for 19+ yrs.), or (c) a UCI racing or technical license (options from $88-193).  

It is important to read everything provided in the on-line registration service carefully! Once you have completed your application, you will be emailed a letter confirming your registration with the Ottawa Bicycle Club, that includes your membership number and membership card, and that payment has been made as well as other important club information.  You will also receive a separate confirmation message concerning your registration with Ontario Cycling.