Road Safety

Traffic Laws, Safe Riding Practices

It is in our own interest to obey traffic laws and follow the rules of the road. It only takes a few inconsiderate cyclists to create a negative perception of cyclists among the general public. Never ride through red lights. There are not many traffic lights on tour routes. If you are at the back of a pack when the light changes to red, please stop. Pack leaders are expected to stop the pack on the other side and wait for riders to get through the lights. Keep out of right turn lanes when going straight or turning left. Don’t pass stationary vehicles on the right side.

Safety and Helmets

As a rider on a club tour, you are responsible for your own safety, and you are also responsible for the safety of the group as a whole. Ontario law requires cyclists under 18 years old to wear a helmet. While helmet use is recommended for adult riders, do not think of it as a panacea—it is more important to avoid injuries by riding in a safe manner and by encouraging riders around you to do likewise. If you are concerned with the riding habits of another rider, discuss the matter with the pack leader or take your concerns to the Touring Director.

Courtesy and Co-operation

Please be courteous to other road users—our safety is enhanced if we can minimize motorist frustration. Cooperation with both motorists and other members of the community is essential. It is in our own interest to maintain the good reputation of the OBC.

Decision matrix for two-abreast cycling:

Double file cycling is safer, more enjoyable, and more efficient. It is the default mode for group riding. There are some circumstances when a change to single file riding is justified; this matrix provides guidance in making that decision.