Road Rides

In implementing COVID-19 safety measures/protocols, the Ottawa Bicycle Club will follow the latest Return to Sport and Progressive Return to Cycling Guidelines of the Ontario Cycling Association (found at Where there is any conflict between the OCA guidelines and the OBC’s Ride Guidelines, the OCA guidelines take precedence.  All members should familiarize themselves with these items prior to participating in any Ottawa Bicycle Club activity. 


OBC Road Rides  

The OBC offers road rides on Sunday mornings, Tuesday evenings and, from time to time, on other days and times.  A variety of start locations, destinations and distances will be offered over the course of the season.  In all cases, the rides will be posted in the club calendar, so that interested members can sign up in advance. 

The OBC’s group road rides are organized in groups of six to twelve cyclists, led by knowledgeable OBC group leaders.  The groups are established according to factors such as the speed, ability, and interest of the participants. 

These rides enable riders to draft behind one another, saving energy - particularly when riding into the wind – while facilitating social interaction during the rides and during any breaks.  And, if you suffer a flat tire or a mechanical problem, others will be with you to help, if needed. 

The OBC road rides follow the group riding practices outlined in the Safety section of this website.  Unless indicated otherwise, OBC road rides follow a “no drop” policy. 


Bicycles – Road, cyclocross and hybrid bikes are best suited to club road rides. While riding a suitable bike in helpful, it is more important that you select a group whose speed you can comfortably match for the duration of the ride. 

Group Speeds - For the OBC’s regularly scheduled road rides, riders register in advance for a specific group, according to their expected speed. The fastest groups tend to be performance-oriented, so the riders are expected to be fit, experienced, and self-sufficient. The other groups are more social or recreational in nature, so that any rider experiencing difficulty will get support from other riders.   

The OBC road rides offer groups from among the following: 


  • Sportif 35 + kmph  
  • A-Ride 31-34 kmph  
  • B-Ride 27-30 kmph  
  • C-Ride 23-26 kmph 
  • D-Ride 19-22 kmph 


Note that when the health protocols call for increased on-bike physical distancing, the anticipated group speeds will be at the lower end of the above ranges.